Sunday, August 19, 2007


Greetings, all! The goal of this website is to provide different perspectives and discussion on issues and situations within college football, specifically how it crowns its National Champion. As of today, these are the major sections within the website.

My Weekly Computer Rankings, based on my computer model. These will appear on Sunday or Monday, depending on the week's games. A description of my rankings can be found at the Gunther Rating System

My Weekly Predictions will appear on Thursday or Friday, depending on that week's games. Predictions will be based on my own expertise, judgment, and educated guesses.

Ed's Top 15 is a section devoted to comparing games, teams, and conferences from the past. Each week of the 2007 season I'll reveal a different Top 15 list, including the biggest wins, devestating losses, best conferences, hardest Strength of Schedule, and other categories.

The Versions of the BCS section is an analysis of the five plus versions of the formulas that the BCS has used and and comparison of the results each one would have produced during the last 9 seasons. This is more of an academic project I undertook a while back, interested in the evolution of the BCS, and the results are rather surprising.

The next section is Defining a Champion, a section dedicated to issues that must be resolved if college football is ever to change to a playoff (or any other post-season format). The sections include a look at how "National Champion" is defined as well as what I see as the three major factors.

The final major section is the Modified Season, my (wholly reasonable, if I do say so myself) proposal for modifying the college football season in the hopes of crowning a true National Champion.

Even though this site is constantly evolving, it is not really a news site - there are many other college football websites that do a fine job of providing up to date team and sport information, listed under the "Links" section to the left. But I'm hoping to provide a space where people can add to, critique, and pool ideas and thoughts about how to improve the sport. All of the data, numbers, and statistics on this site are public knowledge and obtained from a variety of sources, but most of the calculations are my own. Please feel free to use the information as you see fit, but plagiarism, blatant or otherwise, is quite frowned upon...

I not only welcome but encourage all feedback and comments pertaining to anything on this site. If you want to correct an error you found here, have something to add to an already-posted comment, or make your own point, please do so - I'm more than happy to create new discussion topics. (Critiques of the site's format and layout are fine too, but since this is my first go at a website, bear with me.) Either comment in the appropriate topic or e-mail me at or Thanks for stopping by - I hope you enjoy the site.

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Playoff system. Do it. Johnny Walker Red. Neat. Do it.