Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 4 Predictions: Sept 22

Texas A&M (+1.5) @ Miami (FL)
An intriguing matchup, especially for a Thursday night. Should be a competitive game though, with both teams trying to gain some solid footing for the rest of the season. (Sure A&M is 3-0, but look who they've played.)

Miami (FL) by 7

Oklahoma (-23.5) @ Tulsa
Oklahoma is on a mission so far this year, but Tulsa is also undefeated and can put points on the board too. Oklahoma will roll, but Tulsa will score some garbage points to beat the spread.

Oklahoma wins, but Tulsa covers the spread

Penn State (-2.5) @ Michigan
Penn State has looked good against horrendous competition, but they haven't seen a running back like Hart yet this season. Michigan desperately needs to keep their positive momentum going and will have the Big House behind them.

Michigan by 10

South Carolina (+16.5) @ LSU
The ol' ball coach is the X-factor here. You know he's going to pull out every trick he knows against the Tigers. It won't be enough though - Tiger's cruise.

LSU by 17

Baylor (-3.5) @ Buffalo
How much do you want to bet both teams scheduled this one thinking it would be an easy, cupcake win?

Baylor by 7

Kentucky (+7) @ Arkansas
In the past few years, this would've gone to Arkansas hands down. But they're struggling a bit, and Kentucky is looking great. Can D-Mac keep his Heisman campaign on track? Probably.

Arkansas by 10

Rice (+38.5) @ Texas
38.5? Have they seen how Texas has been playing lately? I mean, I know it's Rice, but jeez. Texas needs to run away with this one - their poll position can't afford a 4th straight mediocre game.

Texas wins, but Rice barely covers the spread.

New Mexico State (+16.5) @ Auburn
Again, this usually would go to Auburn hands down. But losing your last two games at home (and nearly getting beaten in Week 1) doesn't make you an easy pick, Tigers. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and think you'll get back on the horse this week.

Auburn by 21

Georgia (+3.5) @ Alabama
Tricky pick, this one. Georgia always breaks my heart, but they're more solid than the Tide who are still riding the Saban wave.

Georgia by 7

Iowa (+7.5) @ Wisconsin
Two teams that need this one - bad. Sure Wisconsin is undefeated, but they've looked shaky (the Citadel?). Poor Iowa (Iowa State?)

Wisconsin by 14

Washington (+6.5) @ UCLA
Which one of these teams can rebound from a tough loss last week? I'm still liking the Huskies this year.

Washington by 7

Washington State (+26.5) @ Southern California
This could be a close one - USC always has at least a couple scares in the Pac 10 each year. But they're confident from last weekend and should be able to get their passing game going.

USC wins, but Washington State covers the spread.

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