Tuesday, January 8, 2008

December 26th & 27th - 2 bowls

the Motor City Bowl
Wednesday, December 26th, 7:30pm
Detroit, Michigan
Central Michigan
(7-5)_____Big 10____126.73
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
6@ Ball State70.73W, 58-388Iowa72.08W, 31-6
14Miami (Ohio)-62.84W, 35-103Central Michigan67.05W, 45-22
10@ Western Michigan-65.04W, 34-319Northwestern30.45W, 35-17
2Toledo-104.62W, 52-311@ Toledo-104.62W, 52-24
13@ Akron-140.28W, 35-325Notre Dame-135.92W, 33-19
7Army-176.10W, 47-234@ Minnesota-195.44W, 45-31
9@ Kent-226.51W, 41-322Eastern Illinois-W, 52-6
5Northern Illinois-277.36W, 35-106Ohio State403.68L, 7-23
1@ Kansas322.17L, 7-5210@ Penn State238.54L, 19-26
8@ Clemson293.25L, 14-707@ Michigan235.72L, 21-48
3@ Purdue126.73L, 22-4511Michigan State196.40L, 31-48
12Eastern Michigan-130.06L, 45-4812@ Indiana133.65L, 24-27
4North Dakota State-L, 14-44

Basically the same W-L record for these two, and their wins are similarly weak. But Central Michigan has taken some bad losses, losing to Eastern Michigan and getting beaten down by DI-AA North Dakota State. All the teams the Boilermakers lost to were at the top of the Big 10, so they beat and lost to the teams they should have.

Purdue has evened out in the last part of the season, while Central Michigan slowly worked their way back from a rough start.

Intangibles: Eh. (It's not the most glamorous matchup...)

The Line: Central Michigan +8

The Story: Back in September when these two played, the Boilermakers doubled up the Chippewas 45-22, so you can bet the latter are looking for some revenge. Both teams use the spread - which one can defend against it better?

The Call: Purdue by 10

The Result: Purdue 51-48 = That was just a whole lotta offense, jeez. Another exciting game though - a slew of close ones and we're not even 1/4 of the way through the bowls.

the Holiday Bowl
Thursday, December 27th, 8:00pm
San Diego, California
Arizona State
(10-2)_____Pac 10____241.74
(9-3)_____Big 12____275.96
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
4Oregon State209.72W, 44-323@ Central Florida266.42W, 35-32
11@ UCLA117.96W, 24-2011Texas Tech195.22W, 59-43
2@ Colorado93.37W, 33-142Texas Christian152.78W, 34-13
9California87.95W, 31-2010@ Oklahoma State112.55W, 38-35
14Arizona69.56W, 20-179Nebraska29.14W, 28-25
6@ Washington State31.17W, 23-201Arkansas State-63.38W, 21-13
7Washington-9.10W, 44-208@ Baylor-139.20W, 31-10
5@ Stanford-46.40W, 41-37@ Iowa State-155.31W, 56-3
1San Jose State-53.89W, 45-34Rice-221.20W, 58-14
3San Diego State-84.17W, 34-136Oklahoma409L, 21-28
13Southern California321.57L, 24-4413@ Texas A&M130.38L, 30-38
10Oregon251.78L, 23-355Kansas State43.11L, 21-41

This is a great matchup between top-tier teams from the Pac 10 & Big 12. Schedule strength is about even, with both teams beating some solid opponents.

They started out on the same track, then split when Texas lost in week 5, and basically came back together at the end of the season. The Horns are looking up though, while the Sun Devils are trying to get back to their pre-November status.

Intangibles: Arizona State was passed up for a BCS bowl bid - will that fire them up or make them fold?

The Line: Arizona State +2.5

The Story: I don't expect a blowout in this game - both are very capable, but both have some flaws which can really be exploited.

The Call: Texas by 7

The Result: Texas 52-34 = The score doesn't indicate a blowout, but the Sun Devils were overmatched all night.

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