Tuesday, January 8, 2008

December 28th - 3 bowls

the Champs Sports Bowl
Friday, December 28th, 5:00pm
Orlando, Florida
Boston College
Michigan State
(7-5)_____Big 10____196.4
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
9@ Virginia Tech439.86W, 14-1012Penn State238.54W, 35-31
12@ Clemson293.25W, 20-177Indiana133.65W, 52-27
1Wake Forest245.34W, 38-2811@ Purdue126.73W, 48-31
3@ Georgia Tech154.13W, 24-102Bowling Green State78.08W, 28-17
6Bowling Green State78.08W, 55-243Pittsburgh76.94W, 17-13
13Miami (Florida)46.59W, 28-144@ Notre Dame-135.92W, 31-14
2North Carolina State34.24W, 37-171Alabama-Birmingham-232.53W, 55-18
7@ Notre Dame-135.92W, 27-148@ Ohio State403.68L, 17-24
4Army-176.10W, 37-1710Michigan235.72L, 24-28
5Massachusetts-W, 24-145@ Wisconsin234.68L, 34-37
14Virginia Tech439.86L, 16-309@ Iowa72.08L, 27-34
10Florida State200.76L, 17-276Northwestern30.45L, 41-48
11@ Maryland134.68L, 35-42

Record edge goes to the Eagles, mainly for some really good victories against VA Tech & Clemson. The Spartans have to count losses to Iowa and Northwestern, two games that they lost by a TD.

BC was in the #2 spot before their slide, dropping 3 games in the last 5 weeks of the season - that doesn't bode well. Michigan State had a rough October but rebounded nicely to finish the season.

The Line: Michigan State +5.5

The Story: Another showcase game for Matt Ryan - how many of those does he get? Jeez. Both of these teams will have some rebuilding to do next year.

The Call: Boston College by 10

The Result: Boston College 24-21 = Not the prettiest game, but another close one. The Eagles take their bowl win streak to 8.

the Texas Bowl
Friday, December 28th, 8:00pm
Houston, Texas
(7-5)_____Mtn West____152.78
(8-4)_____Conf USA____111.86
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
10New Mexico154.27W, 37-04Colorado State-109.69W, 38-27
7@ Stanford-46.40W, 38-369@ Texas-El Paso-110.58W, 34-31
13@ San Diego State-84.17W, 45-333@ Tulane-144.98W, 34-10
5Colorado State-109.69W, 24-1212Marshall-158.83W, 35-28
1Baylor-139.20W, 27-07Rice-221.20W, 56-48
12Nevada-Las Vegas-178.30W, 34-108@ Alabama-Birmingham-232.53W, 49-10
4Southern Methodist-292.91W, 21-710Southern Methodist-292.91W, 38-28
11@ Brigham Young341.36L, 22-2713Texas Southern-W, 59-6
2@ Texas275.96L, 13-341@ Oregon251.78L, 27-48
3@ Air Force233.04L, 17-206@ Alabama183.77L, 24-30
8Utah213.09L, 20-2711@ Tulsa164.04L, 7-56
6@ Wyoming-10.46L, 21-245East Carolina89.72L, 35-37

A battle of decent state-of-Texas teams. Record & schedule is a push - though the Cougars didn't have a really bad loss, they didn't have a single decent win on their slate. The Horned Frogs blanked New Mexico but took a bad loss at Wyoming.

Season progress is a push too - both teams have worked their way up from slow starts.

Intangibles: The game is in Houston, which should give the Cougars a bit of an edge. but they're in between coaches after Art Briles left for Baylor a few weeks ago.

The Line: Houston +6.5

The Story: TCU put up no less than 20 points in each of their games this year, but Houston can put up some gaudy numbers too. Just a feeling, but this one could come down to whoever has the ball at the end.

The Call: TCU by 7

The Result: TCU 20-13 = Yet another exciting finish, and another prediction right on the money.

the Emerald Bowl
Friday, December 28th, 8:30pm
San Francisco, California
Oregon State
(8-4)_____Pac 10____209.72
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
11Boston College313.79W, 42-3514@ Oregon251.78W, 38-31
6Georgia Tech154.13W, 28-261Utah213.09W, 24-7
5@ Rutgers146.23W, 34-247@ California87.95W, 31-28
13@ North Carolina State34.24W, 37-06Arizona69.56W, 31-16
2@ Florida International-322.15W, 26-1012@ Washington State31.17W, 52-17
1Villanova-W, 31-1411Washington-9.10W, 29-23
3West Virginia364.93L, 14-319Stanford-46.40W, 23-6
9Clemson293.25L, 17-303Idaho State-W, 61-10
8Virginia254.75L, 17-1810@ Southern California321.57L, 3-24
4@ Wake Forest245.34L, 24-312@ Cincinnati298.97L, 3-34
12@ Florida State200.76L, 16-244@ Arizona State241.74L, 32-44
10@ North Carolina7.58L, 13-165UCLA117.96L, 14-40

The Beavers get the edge here, having two more wins than the terps against tougher competition.

Seasonal progress is about equal.

The Line: Maryland +5.5

The Story: Both of these teams have done well in the last few bowls they've played in, but the Beavers are on a roll.

The Call: Oregon State by 10

The Result: Oregon State 21-14 = The Pac 10 gets their first win of this bowl season, while the ACC finishes the night 1-1.

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