Thursday, January 10, 2008

Florida State-Kentucky

the Music City Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 4:00pm
Nashville, Tennessee
Florida State
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
10@ Boston College313.79W, 27-177Louisiana State460.13W, 43-37
5Alabama183.77W, 21-144@ Arkansas294.50W, 42-29
12Maryland134.68W, 24-163Louisville106.21W, 40-34
3@ Colorado93.37W, 16-611@ Vanderbilt81.36W, 27-20
6North Carolina State34.24W, 27-105Florida Atlantic42.86W, 45-17
9Duke-205.27W, 25-62Kent-226.51W, 56-20
2Alabama-Birmingham-232.53W, 34-241Eastern Kentucky-W, 50-10
11@ Virginia Tech439.86L, 21-4012@ Georgia412.72L, 13-24
13@ Florida377.83L, 12-458Florida377.83L, 37-45
1@ Clemson293.25L, 18-2413Tennessee349.37L, 50-52
7@ Wake Forest245.34L, 21-249Mississippi State191.93L, 14-31
8Miami (Florida)46.59L, 29-376@ South Carolina163.22L, 23-38

Very similar schedules, these two. A couple big victories over BC and LSU, some wins over bottom-dwellers, no real bad losses.

Their progress comes together at the end - two very evenly matched teams.

The Line: Florida State +9

The Story: +9? I guess that must be because the Seminoles are leaving half their team at home, huh? Yeah. Ridiculous.

The Call: Kentucky by 17

The Result: Kentucky 35-28 = Not the prettiest of games from either team, but it's a good cap to a solid year by Kentucky.

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