Thursday, January 10, 2008


the Sun Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 2:00pm
El Paso, Texas
South Florida
(9-3)_____Big East____316.42
(8-4)_____Pac 10____251.78
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
5West Virginia364.93W, 21-139Southern California321.57W, 24-17
2@ Auburn294.68W, 26-2310@ Arizona State241.74W, 35-23
7Central Florida266.42W, 64-122@ Michigan235.72W, 39-7
12Louisville106.21W, 55-173Fresno State151.92W, 52-21
13@ Pittsburgh76.94W, 48-371Houston111.86W, 48-27
6@ Florida Atlantic42.86W, 35-237Washington State31.17W, 53-7
4North Carolina7.58W, 37-108@ Washington-9.10W, 55-34
11@ Syracuse-156.53W, 41-104@ Stanford-46.40W, 55-31
1Elon-W, 28-1314Oregon State209.72L, 31-38
10Cincinnati298.97L, 33-3813@ UCLA117.96L, 0-16
9@ Connecticut232.43L, 15-225California87.95L, 24-31
8@ Rutgers146.23L, 27-3012@ Arizona69.56L, 24-34

Credit to both of these schools for playing two tough schedules - only 2 teams each that were in the red. Some major victories here for both too - West Virginia, Auburn, USC, Michigan. Even though they've lost some of their luster, these two were powerful this year.

Both of these teams had major ups and downs, but the Bulls are the only ones on their way up.

The Line: Oregon +6

The Story: It was a shame that the Ducks lost Dennis Dixon, and they'll put up a fight, but the Bulls might as well be playing regon.

The Call: South Florida by 10

The Result: Oregon 56-21 = Another Pac 10 team proving me wrong. The Ducks looked dominant not only on offense but also on defense. That's just what they needed going into the offseason.

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