Thursday, October 2, 2008

Predictions: Week 6

Pittsburgh (+13.5) Pitt @ Bulls South Florida

The Bulls are looking mighty good right now, and deserve their high ranking. But Pitt has bounced back after their first-game loss, which could be revealing itself as just a fluke. The Bulls could blow this one open, but I think the Panthers will give them a game.

The Call: South Florida wins, but Pittsburgh covers the spread

Oregon State Jaquizz @ Da Two Utes Utah (-11.5)

This one is baffling me, to be frank. The Beavers are just an enigma, plain & simple, beating USC but getting destroyed at Penn State. The Utes have some solid road wins and are looking like the class of the MtnWest. For some reason a double-digit spread is catching my eye a bit too much...

The Call: Utah wins, but Oregon State covers the spread

Boston College Screamin' Eagles @ A Pack of Something Doesn't Necessarily Resemble Wolves Right Now NC State (+8.5)

BC is looking pretty good to me right now, while NC State... I just can't bring myself to believe in them this year.

The Call: Boston College by 14

UConn (+7) and UWill @ Tar Heels are a-stompin' North Carolina

No, they haven't really played anybody so we don't know how good the Huskies are. The Tar Heels might not be great, but they're much improved. One of these two will continue a fantastic year... I'm liking the Huskies chances with the points.

The Call: Connecticut by 3

Texas Tech (-7.5) Cupcake Munchers @ Meow Kansas State

As usual, we don't know how good the Red Raiders are either. That's what playing Eastern Washington, Nevada, Southern Methodist, and UMass will get you. The Wildcats have at least played at Louisville (losing), but they don't have much to show this season either. It might be an exciting game, but I doubt it.

The Call: Texas Tech by 14

Duke (+13) Dookies @ It's Jacket Weather Georgia Tech

This is a spread that'll make you think. Do the oddsmakers really not believe in the Blue Devils that much? Or do they have too much belief in the Yellow Jackets? Duke hasn't really played anyone, while the Techies are looking solid.

The Call: Georgia Tech by 14

Auburn (-4) Hey buddy, can you spare an offense? @ Well done, Commodores Vanderbilt

The Tigers need this one to have any chance at making the SEC championship, while the Commodores can lose and still be in the driver's seat in the East. What has the world come to.

The Call: Auburn by 7

Stanford (+7) the Farm @ the Irish Notre Dame

The Cardinal are looking decent this year, with some solid wins. I'd like to see more consistency from the Irish, but they're 3-1 - can't argue with that.

The Call: Stanford by 7

Illinois (+2.5) Illini @ Turnoverville Michigan

Well, the Illini have beaten two bad teams and lost to two good ones - which category do the Wolverines fall under? I've gotta believe that Zook will be able to capitalize if Rodriguez's boys keep putting the ball on the ground.

The Call: Illinois by 7

Missouri (-10.5) Daniel & Co. @ Red in the Face Nebraska

Do you think that the Tigers heard about Bo Pellini's desire to shut them out? That's worth another TD right there.

The Call: Missouri by 17

Texas (-13) Longhorns @ Buffs Colorado

Hmmm... the Longhorns have been rolling since the season started, but they always have a few down games. The Buffalos had one last weekend against Florida State...

The Call: Texas wins, but Colorado covers the spread

Ball State Feel-Good Story @ Pocket Rockets Toledo (+7.5)

The Cardinals have had an amazing season so far - can they keep it up? The Rockets are really not doing well, even though they've faced some decent teams. Gotta keep believing.

The Call: Ball State by 10

Ohio State (-1.5) Pryor & Wells @ You Gotta Capitalize - jeez! Wisconsin

The loser of this one stays in free-fall mode and is basically out of the Big10 hunt. The winner, while getting a much needed boost, will still have some work to do. Expect this one to be a fierce battle to the end.

The Call: Wisconsin by 3

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