Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 12 Predictions

Virginia Tech Hokies @ Canes Miami (FL) (-3.5)

So we're starting off with a tossup, huh? Might be a tough week. Both of these two are looking decent but haven't had the success they normally do. They're both still in the running to make it to the ACC championship game (but who isn't, really?), so this will be a de facto elimination game. I can't really see too many areas where one should dominate the other. Since it's in south Florida, gotta give the edge to the Canes.

The Call: Miami by 7

Northwestern Wildcats @ Wolverines Michigan (-3.5)

Except for losing to Indiana by 2, the Wildcats have looked really good this year. The Wolverines? Not so much, especially in the Big House where they're 2-4. Could they pull the upset over Northwestern (and yes, it would be an upset - how odd is that to think about?) Maybe, but like the other Big 10 teams who Michigan has beat down over the last few years, you know the Wildcats are more than happy to kick the Wolverines when they're down.

The Call: Northwestern by 7

Duke (+11.5) Blue Devils @ Tigers Clemson

Let's just look at the schedules for this one, shall we? Clemson has exactly one good win - over BC two weeks ago. They don't really have any terrible losses though, which means that they do about as well as they should. The same can sorta be said for Duke - wins over mediocre Virginia & Vandy, but they lost to a bad NC State team last week. Clemson has more talent, and though they've been up and down they're hanging in there. Duke's season looked to be promising at 4-3 after the Vandy win, but they've dropped two in a row and their last three are @ Clemson, @ VA Tech, and vs North Carolina. I'm thinking they'll finish 4-8, but this one might be close...

The Call: Clemson by 13

Ohio State Buckeyes @ Illini Illinois (+9.5)

With the exception of the USC & Penn State games, the Buckeyes have taken care of business. The Illini were riding along fine until they dropped two of three to Wisconsin & Western Michigan - ouch. They need one more win to be bowl eligible, so they're gonna have to beat Northwestern next week.

The Call: Ohio State by 17

Georgia Dawgs @ Tigers Auburn (+8.5)

Ahhh, just what the Dawgs need to stem their D's bleeding - a game against an inept offense. Their offense should be able to score too, which sets them up nicely for the game against Georgia Tech in two weeks. The Tigers need to beat either Georgia or Alabama to become bowl eligible. Good luck with that.

The Call: Georgia by 17

Texas (-13)Longhorns @ Jayhawks Kansas

Now that the Jayhawks have gotten into the meat of their schedule, they're starting to fold, losing three of their last four and giving up a ton of points. The offense can still score, but not like the other offenses in the Big12 can. Texas just lost another center, so they're counting on a freshman to get the ball to McCoy. They might have a few problems there, but I don't think it'll derail them.

The Call: Texas by 17

LA-Monroe (+21.5) Warhawks @ Rebels Mississippi

I know that the Warhawks play in the Sun Belt, but they put points on the board, even in their losses. The Rebels score just about as much playing in the SEC, so they get the nod for the win, but I don't think it'll be a blowout.

The Call: Mississippi wins, but LA-Monroe covers the spread

South Carolina Gamecocks @ Gators Florida (-22.5)

Like their counterparts in nature, the Gators could swallow the Mean Chickens whole. What's the over/under on how many visors Spurrier goes through this game? Four? Five?

The Call: Florida by 28

North Carolina Tar Heels @ Terrapins Maryland (+2.5)

Both of these two lost to the Virginia schools, UVA & Tech. Other than that, they're pretty solid and have some good wins to their credit. (Yeah, the Terrapins lost to Middle Tennessee too - fluke.) Maryland is undefeated at home, but I think the Tar Heels have the better coach right now.

The Call: North Carolina by 7

California (+3) Bears @ Beavers Oregon State

The Beavers are in the middle of their usual late season winning streak, while the Bears are looking to regroup after their loss to USC. They should be able to put up more points, and their D is solid, but I don't know that they'll be able to stop the Oregon State attack. Might be close, but I don't think so.

The Call: Oregon State by 14

Minnesota Gophers @ Badgers Wisconsin (-13.5)

What jumps out at you about this matchup? The fact that the Gophers have lost two in a row? Or maybe that the Badgers have seemingly halted the huge slide they were on? Sure, all of that is fine. But I'm looking at that spread - I can understand if the Badgers are favored, since they're at home and have some momentum, but giving two TD's to a 7-3 team? There's something wrong there.

The Call: Wisconsin wins, but Minnesota covers the spread

BYU (-4.5) Cougars @ Falcons Air Force

This is a big'un. Nobody's talking about the Falcons, who have put together an impressive 8-2 season in the MtnWest. But that's probably because they're talking about the Cougars as a potential BCS team. Do the talking heads have it right?

The Call: BYU by 10

USC (-23) Trojans @ Farm Stanford

This game is, like, sooooooo last year. I mean, really. We know the Trojan's D will probably hold the Cardinal to under 10 points, but if their offense gets going, you know Carroll isn't going to let up. If the offense sputters... nah, it won't this game.

The Call: USC by 31

Mississippi State Bulldogs @ Tide Alabama (-21.5)

Bama's won the SEC west and has their sights set not only on the championship game against Florida but also the national championship game. The Bulldogs have an outside chance at getting bowl eligible if they win out, but that means winning this one. They usually play the Tide tough though, and Saban's boys might be looking ahead... It won't be enough, but they'll make it interesting.

The Call: Alabama wins, but Mississippi State covers the spread

UCLA (-7) Bruins @ Huskies Washington

Slick Rick's return to U-Dub should be a good one, seeing as how inept the Huskies are this year. The seven point spread makes this an easy call.

The Call: UCLA by 17

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