Thursday, November 27, 2008

Week 14 Predictions

Texas (-35.5) Longhorns @ Aggies Texas A&M

Okay, so obviously the oddsmakers are predicting that the Longhorns are gonna attempt to beat the absolute living hell out of the Aggies so they can gain some style points with the voters. Makes sense. Are the Longhorns going to be able to do it? Yeah, probably.

The Call: Texas by 42

West Virginia Mountaineers @ Panthers Pittsburgh (+3.5)

How much of this one is going to be driven by the revenge factor? If it weren't for the Panthers last year, the Mountaineers would've been playing for the national title and RichRod might still be in his home state. But in reality, neither of these teams is playing for a championship, national or Big East, in this one - as long as Cincinnati beats Syracuse, they'll top the conference. As usual, it'll come down to Pat White. He didn't get to play much last year, which might provide a little extra oomph.

The Call: West Virginia by 10

Mississippi State Bulldogs @ Rebels Mississippi (-15.5)

Houston Nutt has done wonders with the Ole Miss team this year, beating Florida & LSU and heading to a solid bowl. Sylvester Croom had another down year with the Bulldogs, though they did notch their usual upset win, this time over Vandy. Can the Rebels ride into December on a high note? I've got a good feeling about them.

The Call: Mississippi by 20

Kent State Flashes @ Bulls Buffalo (-9.5)

You got this one, Bulls.

The Call: Buffalo by 14

LSU (-4.5) Tigers @ Razorbacks Arkansas

The Tigers are reeling - the last meaningful game they won was back on October 18th against South Carolina. But the Razorbacks are having a hard time standing up straight. I really don't want to pick LSU, since they've let me down this season, but I just can't see Arkansas pulling this one out. It could be ugly.

The Call: LSU by 7

Colorado Buffs @ Huskers Nebraska (-17.5)

If the Huskers pull this one out, they go to 8-4 and a solid, probably New Year's Day bowl game. But Colorado, as maligned as they've been this season, need it to become bowl eligible. That's motivation.

The Call: Nebraska wins, but Colorado covers the spread

Georgia Tech Jackets @ Dawgs Georgia (-8.5)

This is a big'un. Tech has a really good shot at winning this game, and they've gotta be riding high after the successful season they've had. I think the Dawgs are flying a bit under the radar though - they've basically been written off after their loss to Florida. If their D can bend but not break, and if they don't have a full-half meltdown, they should be able to cruise.

The Call: Georgia by 14

South Carolina Gamecocks @ Tigers Clemson (-1)

Two more disappointing seasons from these two. Meh.

The Call: South Carolina by 3

Virginia (+8.5) Cavs @ Hokies Virginia Tech

The Cavaliers are one of three ACC teams who aren't bowl eligible, while the Hokies can wrap up the Coastal division with a win. The Cavs have played arguably the toughest schedule in the nation this year (only Duke is under .500), so going 5-6 is actually quite an achievement. But it won't be enough - the Hokies want another shot at the title.

The Call: Virginia Tech by 17

Kansas Jayhawks @ Tigers Missouri (-15.5)

Remember when this was one of the biggest games of the year, back in crazy 2007? Ah, what a refreshing change of departure. 2007 will be pretty big motivation for both of these teams though - Missouri's win booted Kansas out of the Big12 and national championship picture, but the Jayhawks inclusion in the BCS (at the expense of the Tigers) really pissed the Mizzou fans off. Missouri has rebounded better this year, losing only to Oklahoma State and Texas, earning a return trip to Kansas City. But don't worry - they're not looking ahead.

The Call: Missouri by 24

Florida (-16.5) Gators @ Seminoles Florida State

An upset here by the Seminoles would be HUGE. But it's the Seminoles who are going to be upset. Simple as that.

The Call: Florida by 24

North Carolina Tar Heels @ Blue Devils Duke (+8.5)

UNC needs to get back on track, and the Blue Devils, while better this season than usual, are in losing mode.

The Call: North Carolina by 14

Auburn Tigers @ Tide Alabama (-14.5)

Sorry, Tommy - you don't get to keep adding digits.

The Call: Alabama by 16

Baylor (+21.5) Bears @ Red Raiders Texas Tech

Well, Oklahoma showed the way to beat the Red Raiders - get pressure on Harrell, and pound them with the running game. The difference between the Sooners & the Bears is that Baylor doesn't have the athletes Oklahoma does. Tech, even though people have written them off, still has a decent shot at both the Big12 and national championship - they'll still go all out.

The Call: Texas Tech by 28

Oregon (+3.5) Ducks @ Beavers Oregon State

Can the Civil War live up to the hype? The Rose Bowl is on the line for the Beavers, but their star RB is probably out. They pulled it out last week - can they do it again? I'd like to see them do it, but the gut is saying that the ball will bounce the Duck's way.

The Call: Oregon by 7

Oklahoma (-7) Sooners @ Cowboys Oklahoma State

Bedlam will be quite that this weekend. It'll be interesting to see if the Sooners D can change gears from a passing-heavy to running-heavy team. If they can and shut the Cowboys down, the voters are going to have a hard choice to make. (As if they don't already.)

The Call: Oklahoma by 14

Notre Dame Irish @ Trojans USC (-32.5)

Really? 32.5? Have you oddsmakers SEEN the Trojans' offense this year? Maybe you're counting on the defense running back a few pick-sixes? That would make sense - Clausen has thrown 15 INT's this year... Pete Carroll says he isn't interested in style points, but NOT crushing the Irish would look pretty bad.

The Call: USC wins, but Notre Dame covers the spread

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