Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 4 Predictions

North Carolina @ Georgia Tech (-2.5)

The Yellow Jackets are at 6000rpm in 3rd gear, and they don't seem to be progressing. The Tar Heels have been on the easier course so far, but their offense has sputtered at times too...

The Call: North Carolina by 7

The Result: Georgia Tech 24-7
Well the Yellow Jackets shifted it into fourth, at least, and their D was solid the whole game. It looks like the ACC is back to their 2007 antics when most of the conference was within a couple of games of each other.

South Florida @ Florida St (-14)

The Bulls have destroyed Wofford, Western Kentucky, and Charleston Southern so far this year, so we don't know a whole lot about them. Now that seven-year starting QB Matt Groethe is out, we know even less. But that's okay - we know the Seminoles hung with Miami, had a close call against Jacksonville St, and crushed BYU. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

The Call: Florida State by 21

The Result: South Florida 17-7
Okay, so the Seminoles are the official Jekyll & Hyde team of 2008. Georgia, you are relieved of duty.

Fresno State @ Cincinnati (-16.5)

The Bearcats are beating (what should be) good teams, while the Bulldogs are getting beaten by (what should be) good teams. Like a glove.

The Call: Cincinnati by 18

The Result: Cincinnati 28-20
Well, it was a bit closer than expected, but the Bearcats are still looking awfully good. I'm thinking they're Top 10 worthy, yeah? Yeah.

LSU (-12.5) @ Mississippi State

I'm still waiting on the Tigers to show some fierceness - if they can't do it against the Bulldogs, this season could unravel in a hurry.

The Call: LSU by 14

The Result: LSU 30-26
3 interceptions + 1 fumble + 53 yards rushing + 2 of 12 on third down = not good. I know there'll be space ahead of them in the polls with #4 Mississippi's loss, but there's no way the Tigers deserve to move up. Despite being 4-0, they're not looking like a top 10 team at all so far this year.

Pittsburgh @ NC State (-1)

You know, looking at these opponents is really depressing. I mean, after three weeks of games, all I have to go on for this pick are beatdowns of Youngstown State, Buffalo, Navy, Murray State, Gardner-Webb, & a loss to South Carolina. Y'all should really be ashamed of those schedules.

The Call: Pittsburgh by 7

The Result: NC State 38-31
This is not a good week for picking...

TCU (+2.5) @ Clemson

I know the Horned Frogs are the trendy pick, but I think that's only because they're one of the last "BCS Busters" standing. It's just not a buster year.

The Call: Clemson by 10

The Result: TCU 14-10
Hmmm... I'm seriously thinking about not calling the ACC again this year. A dartboard might be in order.

UTEP @ Texas (-36.5)

The Miners learned how to put some points on the board last week under some tricky conditions. The Longhorns will cruise, but they'll miss covering by that much. (C'mon, garbage time - you owe me for that first week.)

The Call: Texas wins, but UTEP covers the spread.

The Result: Texas 64-7
Oh, so you want to play that way, huh? Alright. No more mister nice guy.

Miami (-2.5) @ Virginia Tech

The Hurricanes offense is on their way up, while the Hokies D seems to be on their way down.

The Call: Miami by 13

The Result: Virginia Tech 31-7
(in the corner, whimpering. and soggy.)

Arkansas @ Alabama (-17.5)

The Razorbacks have put up 48 and 41 points in their two games, one of them against UGA. That means Alabama will have to put up 60+ or hold them to well under their ability. Bama's good, I just don't see it happening.

The Call: Alabama wins, but Arkansas covers the spread.

The Result: Alabama 35-7
Am I really about to go 0-fer against the spread?

California @ Oregon (+5.5)

The Ducks have gutted out two solid wins in the last two weeks. But the Bears are on a mission this year.

The Call: California by 10

The Result: Oregon 42-3
This is perhaps the most shocking score yet today. Damn.

Arizona State @ Georgia (-12)

Hmmm... this one's kinda tricky. The Dawgs are now getting it done on offense, no doubt, but their D is shaaaaaky. We know next to nothing about the Sun Devils, but I think it'll be more of a fight that their duel in the desert last year. Same result, but it won't be a total beatdown.

The Call: Georgia by 14

The Result: Georgia 20-17
Less of a beatdown than I thought, obviously.

Washington @ Stanford (-8.5)

You just know that the Huskies are in for a letdown sooner or later. The Cardinal are out to prove that they're improved this year as well.

The Call: Stanford by 10

The Result: Stanford 34-14

Texas Tech @ Houston (-1)

Sorry, Cougars. You only get one big upset this year. Red Raiders - consider yourselves lucky.

The Call: Texas Tech by 4

The Result: Houston 29-28
And a half.

Oh, the carnage. Maybe I'll add them up when I can actually stand it.
At least the games were exciting though, right?

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