Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 3 Predictions

West Virginia @ Maryland (-1)

The Terps won a good one two weeks ago against Miami, and an extra week to prepare should help them out. But I like the Mountaineers chances here - they should be able to put some points on the board.

The Call: West Virginia by 7

The Result: West Virginia 37-31

The Mountaineers were a bit lucky to hang on there, but they certainly know how to move the ball. Tough loss for the Terps - they'll have to regroup for a couple more easy ones before ACC play.

Penn State @ Temple (+7)

Listen, I know that the Nittany Lions didn't look good against Alabama last week, but not many people would. And sure the Owls are 2-0, but against really weak competition. And this is still Penn State vs Temple...

The Call: Penn State by 17

The Result: Penn State 14-10

Well, the Owls are looking better, and it was closer than it should have been. The Nittany Lions needed a big win after last weeks loss to Bama, and they didn't really get the shot in the arm they needed. They have a couple more easy ones to keep getting the kinks worked out though.

Auburn @ Clemson (-3.5)

Somehow the western Tigers have pulled out two wins in the last two weeks, once with their offense, once with their defense. The eastern Tigers had it easy with two cupcakes and little drama. I think this one might come down to mistakes, and Auburn might finally lose its balance.

The Call: Clemson by 6

The Result: Clemson 38-24

Yeah, I think that's the game we thought we'd see from Auburn at the beginning of this season. Still a great win for Clemson, who need to keep the momentum going with the Seminoles coming to town next week.

Kansas (+14.5) @ Georgia Tech

Two teams, two games each, two cupcakes each. Not much to go on, therefore we split the uprights.

The Call: Georgia Tech wins, but Kansas covers the spread

The Result: Georgia Tech 66-24

It looks like the Jayhawks are back to their old tricks. That was a lot of yardage for the Yellow Jackets - they're gonna need a breather this week.

Colorado State v Colorado (-7.5)

Some tough losses for the Buffaloes the last two weeks - I think they can turn things around.

The Call: Colorado by 9

The Result: Colorado 28-14

They didn't look as good as they did last week, but it was enough for the Buffs.

Tennessee @ Florida (-9.5)

Things are actually looking pretty decent for the Vols so far this year. They're putting up points, and the D is looking good. But the Gators are looking better.

The Call: Florida by 13

The Result: Florida 33-23

Yup. As long as the Gators can rely on Rainey to prop them up, they'll be fine. Tough loss for the Vols, who were hoping to crack the SEC East this year...

Washington @ Nebraska (-17)

This time last year the Huskers blew out the Huskies in Seattle, but then got beaten in the Holiday Bowl. I think this one'll be closer, but not by much -

The Call: Nebraska wins, but Washington covers the spread

The Result: Nebraska 51-38

The Big10 is looking like it'll come down to the Huskers & Wisconsin in two weeks, and Nebraska will have a tune-up against Wyoming next Saturday to get the D realigned a bit. Setback for Washington, but they're still in a good position to improve on last year (if only because they probably won't meet the Huskers in another bowl game.)

Northern Illinois @ Wisconsin (-16.5)

Same spread for this one? Nuh-uh - this is money in the bank.

The Call: Wisconsin by 31

The Result: Wisconsin 49-7

Not much to say here - the Badgers are looking goooooood.

Texas @ UCLA (+3.5)

I shouldn't be calling this one, because things are waaaaay too dicey - no idea what way this one's gonna go. The Longhorns are not looking all that great, barely escaping with a win last week, but neither are the Bruins. I guess I have more faith in the Texas D...

The Call: Texas by 7

The Result: Texas 49-20

That lightning wasn't going to strike twice. It might have helped the Longhorns get their feet under them a bit, and next week against Iowa State will be a trickier-than-previously-thought warmup for the Sooners in two weeks. The Bruins just can't get anything going, and it's probably going to cost Neuheisel his job.

Arkansas State @ Virginia Tech (-24.5)

Even though the Hokies didn't cover against East Carolina last week, I still think they're going to have a great season. As for why I'm so bully on them though... I'll get back to you on that one.

The Call: Virginia Tech by 28

The Result: Virginia Tech 26-7

C'mon, Hokies. You're gonna need to do better than that.

Louisville @ Kentucky (-5.5)

Neither of these two is looking very good this season, but the Wildcats might be a bit luckier.

The Call: Kentucky by 7

The Result: Louisville 24-17

Or not. The Wildcats' ground game is going to need to improve a whole bunch if the want to have any shot of winning a couple in the SEC. The Cardinals needed that one, but it's just going to get rougher from here on out.

Arizona State @ Illinois (-2)

The Sun Devils pulled one out against the Tiger's border-buddy Missouri last week, and they're looking solid in the air. The Illini are great on the ground so far, but they've played two cupcakes. Edge goes to the desert boys.

The Call: Arizona State by 9

The Result: Illinois 17-14

Not the prettiest game by any means, but I know the Illini will take it. The Sun Devils really need to regroup and get focused on the Pac12 race, or they're gonna be behind right off the bat.

Ohio State @ Miami (-2.5)

Another one I'm quite unsure of, but you gotta call the big national games, right? I think the Buckeye's rough game last week was just a hiccup - they should have the experience to grind out a win against the Canes.

The Call: Ohio State by 7

The Result: Miami 24-6

Wow the Buckeyes looked bad. That wave they were riding finally crashed, and it wasn't pretty at all. They're going to have to get something going in the air to even had a remote chance in the Big10. The Canes played pretty well, riding a wave of their own right now...

Oklahoma (-3) @ Florida State

The Sooners are built to win this season, while the Seminoles need a few big wins to assert themselves in the national scene again. Our second top-5 matchup in the first three weeks - nice.

The Call: Oklahoma by 6

The Result: Oklahoma 23-13

That was one scary hit. Solid job on both sides of the ball by the Sooners, and they're just going to keep rolling. The Seminoles will be okay, and should be able to keep plowing through the ACC, but a few tweaks here and there are necessary.

Utah @ BYU (-3.5)

Ahhh, just like old times in the Mountain West. Cougar coach Bronco Mendenhall seems like he's a bit phased right now, even though two close games for his team should help them in this one. The Utes are coming off a tough loss in the first Pac12 game, and I think a rebound is in order here.

The Call: Utah by 7

The Result: Utah 54-10

That's one way to rebound. The Utes just might surprise some people and take the Pac12 South in their inaugural season, if they can keep playing like that. After a long, tough opening three weeks, the Cougars will finally get a bit of a breather.

Still riding high straight up - 12-3, and improving against the spread, 9-6.


Brian said...

You can't have it both ways in the Oklahoma - Florida State game. Picking Oklahoma State in that game seems like a cop out...

Ed Gunther said...

Damn - I tried... thanks for the spot.