Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 4 Predictions

UCF @ BYU (-2)

This one is quite intriguing. The Knights started off the season solid, with convincing wins, but lost to Florida International last week. The Cougars eeked out a win at Mississippi, but have lost to Texas and Utah in the last two weeks, getting blown out by the latter. I think some regression to the norm is in order here -

The Call: BYU by 7

The Result: BYU 24-17

Not a dominant performance for the Cougars by any means, but it was good enough to get them back on track. Tough one to lose for the Knights, but they'll do well in the CUSA this season.

San Diego State @ Michigan (-10.5)

Two teams who are punching above their current weight right now. Both have rolled to 3-0 starts, the Wolverines against a bit tougher competition because of Notre Dame. And since this one's in the Big House they should have an advantage, but for some reason the gut is saying to go with the Aztecs to win... Maybe I'll play the middle here.

The Call: Michigan wins, but San Diego State covers the spread

The Result: Michigan 28-7

Good job not listening to the gut - can't remember the last time he was right... The Wolverines are going to make things interesting in the Big10 this season.

Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh (+7)

The Panthers are doing well, losing a close one to Iowa last week, but the Irish are turning things around and getting into form.

The Call: Notre Dame by 14

The Result: Notre Dame 15-12

The Irish just keep fighting on - they'll be able to out talent some people this year, and they'd better hope they've gotten their game-killing mistakes under control. The Panthers look like they're going to have a rough go of it this season - at least against non-cupcakes.

SMU (-22.5) @ Memphis

The Mustangs are plodding along, but the Tigers just aren't a good team this season.

The Call: SMU by 24

The Result: SMU 42-0


Colorado (+16.5) @ Ohio State

While the Buckeyes showed a whole bunch of weaknesses last week, the should perform better than they did against Miami. The Buffaloes notched W1 against rival Colorado State, but haven't been very impressive so far this season. That just seems like a big spread for two teams that are floundering a bit...

The Call: Ohio State wins, but Colorado covers the spread

The Result: Ohio State 37-17

Not sure if that says more about the Buckeyes or the Buffaloes. The Buffs really need to turn things around, while the Bucks seem to be finding their footing a bit more (though I don't think they'll get to 10 wins in the Big10).

Florida State @ Clemson (-2.5)

The Seminoles shouldn't have dropped that many places in the rankings after a close loss to a #1 Oklahoma team... The Tigers are good, but not giving-points good.

The Call: Florida State by 7

The Result: Clemson 35-30

Okay, now the Seminoles should drop. Great win for the Tigers, who get to play another tough one against Virginia Tech next week. This one will definitely help them in the confidence department though. The Seminoles should be able to rebound in October with a pretty easy slate.

Oklahoma State @ Texas A&M (-4.5)

Thus begins the Aggies swan song through the Big12. They're gonna get everyone's best shot this year, which doesn't bode well - especially when they're playing a top ten team.

The Call: Oklahoma State by 7

The Result: Oklahoma State 30-29

Quite an entertaining game. The Aggies managed to stay in it, despite continually shooting themselves in the feet the whole second half. The Cowboys are chugging along, but can't get caught looking ahead to Texas in two weeks.

Nebraska @ Wyoming (+21)

The Cowboys are 3-0 on the year thanks to three cupcake wins, while the Cornhuskers are heading towards a great first year in the Big10. That's a big spread, but I think they can handle it.

The Call: Nebraska by 27

The Result: Nebraska 38-14

Solid win for the Huskers. Now comes the big boys.

LSU (-5.5) @ West Virginia

This one should be a doozy - if only for the fans that show up. The Tigers are like a cyclone that just bulldozes through things in its path, with little rhyme or reason needed to propel it forward. The Mountaineers can put points on the board and will need their offense to produce. I don't know that it'll be enough though.

The Call: LSU by 9

The Result: LSU 47-21

How do you gameplan for these Tigers? It's gotta be maddening for opposing coaches... they're solid in most facets of the game, the D is opportunistic, but they're able to just make things happen all over the field. I think they'll slip up at some point, but it's gonna take a perfect game and some luck to get past them. The Mountaineers put up the yards, but just couldn't sustain anything or get into a rhythm most of the game. They'll rebound, but this one stings.

Solid week. 8-1 straight up, 5-4 against the spread. Getting there.

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