Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 7 Predictions

Indiana @ Wisconsin (-39.5)

Of course the Badgers are going to win this one, but I need to make up some ground against the spread. They've covered some big ones so far this season, but this'll be their highest to date. The Hoosiers aren't really getting much done, but they have made some of their matchups closer than expected.

The Call: Wisconsin by 42

The Result: Wisconsin 59-7

I don't know that there's much more the Badgers can do to move up in the rankings. They're gonna be stuck unless some of the teams in front of them lose...

Baylor (+8.5) @ Texas A&M

This one's a bit of a tossup. The Aggies are trying to survive after getting mauled for the last month, while the Bears are gonna be gunning big time for the team that they feuded with for so many months about the Big12. It should be entertaining if nothing else.

The Call: Baylor by 3

The Result: Texas A&M 55-28

I guess this is just another example of the fact that "wanting it" doesn't usually mean jack squat.

Michigan (+2.5) @ Michigan State

The Spartans are playing lights out on defense right now, but besides Notre Dame they've played a bunch of easy ones (yes, Ohio State's offense included). The Wolverine D has been nearly as solid, and their offense will be able to move the ball.

The Call: Michigan by 7

The Result: Michigan State 28-14

Hmmm... interesting. Next week's matchup between Michigan State and Wisconsin just got a whole lot more interesting.

Florida State @ Duke (+12.5)

This one isn't as cut and dried as might be expected. The Seminoles are reeling, dropping like a rock after starting the season in the top 5. The Blue Devils are much better than usual (and have a better record) at 3-2. But some things never change in the ACC, and I think this week things start to get back to normal.

The Call: Florida State by 17

The Result: Florida State 41-16

Yeah, I think the Seminoles will take that one. Tough loss for the Dukies, but going bowling for the first time in years is still a decent possibility.

LSU (-17) @ Tennessee

The Vols are in need of some help this year, on both sides of the ball, while the Tigers are perfectly fine, thank you very much.

The Call: LSU by 27

The Result: LSU 38-7

Is it me or do the Tigers always feel like they're starting all their possessions around the 50? They just dominate the field position game, which gives them some wiggle room all around.

Ohio State @ Illinois (-3.5)

A big one for both these teams, and a bit of a hard pick as well. The Illini are off to a stellar start, while the Buckeyes are just trying to make it through the season without too much damage. Both are 3-3 against the spread this year, with no discernable clues as to when they show up and when they cut it close or even lose. C'mon, gut - what says you?

The Call: Illinois by 7

The Result: Ohio State 17-7

So the Buckeyes are this years Georgia, huh? I don't know what I'm gonna do with them. I know what I'm gonna do with the gut though - put in the ear plugs.

Oklahoma State @ Texas (+7)

The Longhorns got throttled by Oklahoma last week, but they always seem to have the Cowboys number, at least when it comes to the mental edge. But the Cowboys are rolling along this season and won't let this one get into their heads.

The Call: Oklahoma State by 10

The Result: Oklahoma State 38-26

Solid overall effort from the Cowboys, especially from their defense which was on the field for nearly 40 minutes. The Longhorns are still growing, an eve though they're having another down season, by their standards, it's not nearly as painful to watch as last season.

Colorado (+15.5) @ Washington

This one shouldn't be all that close, but that's the most points the Huskies have given all year. The Buffs aren't good at covering though, and I think they'll have a rough go of it in this one.

The Call: Washington by 21

The Result: Washington 52-24

Yeah, such a big first half usually bodes well for the rest of the game. The Huskies gotta be thrilled with 5-1 at the midway point, but their toughest matches are in the next three weeks. The Buffaloes are just lost right now - they need to find some way to get a win, any win, but that's looking less and less likely.

Georgia Tech @ Virginia (+7)

Really? Just 7? Maybe I'm overestimating the Yellow Jackets, but they could probably cover that each half, if not each quarter against the Cavaliers.

The Call: Georgia Tech by 21

The Result: Virginia 24-21

Yeah, chalk that one up to sheer arrogance on my part. Sorry, Jackets - my bad. I won't let it happen again.

Clemson (-8) @ Maryland

See above.

The Call: Clemson by 24

The Result: Clemson 56-45

Huh. Who woulda thunk that the Terrapins could put up that many points. The Tigers' offense is just barreling along right now.

Florida (-2) @ Auburn

The Gators have had a rough last two games, losing to Bama and LSU badly. But I'm still not sold on the Tigers and their highwire act - they're gonna fall at some point. No better week to start than this one.

The Call: Florida by 10

The Result: Auburn 17-6

Or, maybe I should just start revising my opinion of Auburn. That's probably a good idea. The Gators are going into freefall here, and it's not looking good.

Georgia (-11) @ Vanderbilt

The way the Dawgs are playing on D right now, I'd favor them against most SEC teams (and might think they could pull the upset over Bama or LSU). The Commodores are the Commodores, not making many waves.

The Call: Georgia by 17

The Result: Georgia 33-28

Without those turnovers this is a different ending. Georgia's still picking up steam, but they're definitely a bit shakey. It'll be good for them to have a week off before the cocktail party.

Arizona State @ Oregon (-14.5)

The Ducks are back to their lightning fast point piling ways, and I don't see the Sun Devils being able to slow them down much - they're gonna need to get some turnovers and keep the penalties at a minimum to have a chance here. I'm not sure they have the offense to keep up even then.

The Call: Oregon by 21

The Result: Oregon 41-27

And the coin falls on the wrong side of the spread at the last second - damn. The Ducks are walking wounded right now, but they've got a month until the big showdown with Stanford.

A little rough this week - just 8-5 straight up, and 6-7 against the spread. Gotta focus more.

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