Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 12 Predictions

Ohio State @ Michigan (+12)

Even though the Buckeyes have punched their ticket to Pasadena, a loss here would be devastating, considering how bad the Wolverines have been since September. On the flip side, a Wolverine win would certainly put some ice on RichRod's hot seat. I don't see it happening though.

The Call: Ohio State by 14
The Result: Ohio State 21-10

The Wolverines have a lot of work to do, as we knew. And the Buckeyes just keep rolling along. Will they be able to break through in their bowl game? Hmmm...

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Texas Tech

This one doesn't really have the oomph it did last year, huh? Yeah, that's an understatement. But one of them is going to be set up for a better bowl spot, the other might just fall to 6-6 when all is said & done. The Red Raider's offense get the slight edge, but the Sooners' D gets a bigger one.

The Call: Oklahoma by 7
The Result: Texas Tech 41-13

That's a little different than last year too, huh? Damn.

Kent State @ Temple (-10.5)

The Owls are 8-2, riding an 8-game winning streak. The Owls. Temple. The Temple Owls. That's damn amazing. The Golden Flashes are a meager 5-5 without a win outside cupcakes & the MAC.

The Call: Temple by 14
The Result: Temple 47-13

Wow. Congrats, Owls.

Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5)

These two are pretty even, so I think it's gonna be a close game. Closer than two TD's, at least.

The Call: Missouri wins, but Iowa State covers the spread
The Result: Missouri 34-24


TCU (-31.5) @ Wyoming

It's the Cowboys turn to get steamrolled this week. What, are you gonna pick against the Horned Frogs, the way they're playing? I didn't think so.

The Call: TCU by 35
The Result: TCU 45-10

Double-yup. In all seriousness, I'm not saying they'd definitely win, but TCU vs Florida, Alabama, or Texas - I'd have a real hard time picking against the Horned Frogs.

Connecticut @ Notre Dame (-6)

The Huskies have the chance to put the nail in Coach Charlie's coffin, if it's not there already. I don't think they'll get the W though - the Irish, for all of their problems, still have a productive offense.

The Call: Notre Dame by 9
The Result: Connecticut 33-30

And yet the Irish defense continues to play juuuuust badly enough to lose the game for them. You gotta feel good for the Huskies though - it's a big win, especially with all of the heartache they've dealt with this last month.

Michigan State @ Penn State (-3)

Both of these two have beaten the teams they're supposed to (with Central Michigan being the exception), but the Nittany Lions have beaten better. (Not overall - overall their SoS sucks.)

The Call: Penn State by 7
The Result: Penn State 42-14

That head-to-head loss to Iowa will probably cost the Nittany Lions a spot in a BCS bowl.

LSU (-4.5) @ Mississippi

The KKK? Really? I don't know what to think about that. With nothing on the line SEC-wise, this game is already overshadowed. Let's just hope everyone gets out of the grove safely.

The Call: LSU by 7
The Result: Mississippi 25-23

Huh. That strange ending might go a long way towards deflecting some of the other issue of the day.

Air Force @ BYU (-10)

For some reason, the gut is saying this is gonna be an exciting game.

The Call: Air Force by 3
The Result: BYU 38-21

Yeah, not so much. No dessert for you, gut.

Vanderbilt (+17) @ Tennessee

The Vols need one more game to get bowl eligible, and they need to bounce back from last week. Vandy's pretty bad - it'll happen.

The Call: Tennessee by 21
The Result: Tennessee 31-16

The finale with Kentucky is looking a little tougher after the Wildcats beat Georgia at home, but if the Vols can win that one, 7-5 is a good start for Lane Kiffin.

California @ Stanford (-7.5)

This should be one of the more interesting Big Game's in recent memory. The Bears are struggling to stay in the thick of things, but at 7-3 have survived a rough season. The Cardinal are just mauling people right now and show no signs up being stoppable.

The Call: Stanford by 10
The Result: California 34-28

And that's why you play rivalry games. Hats off to the Bears for not turning over and grinding away. This Pac10 race is pretty damn exciting.

Kansas State @ Nebraska (-16.5)

I'm sold on the Cornhuskers D, but the Wildcats have performed better than expected this year. I think the Nebraska O might have an off-day...

The Call: Nebraska wins, but Kansas State covers the spread
The Result: Nebraska 17-3

I'll say it yet again - the Huskers are going to give Texas problems.

Oregon @ Arizona (+6)

This one will go a long way to deciding the Pac10 race. The Wildcats are much improved this year, but their three toughest games are upcoming - this one and vs Arizona State and USC. If they can win 2 of those 3, they'll be in a good bowl and scaring the crap out of someone. The Ducks are looking to finish strong and should be able to contain.

The Call: Oregon by 9
The Result: Oregon 44-41

Either the Ducks or Beavers versus Ohio State in the Rose Bowl is going to be a good game. Props to Arizona for the solid season, and they've got a chance to finish big against Arizona State and USC.

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