Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Prediction Outcomes, Week 1

Before I get to this week's predictions on Friday, let's see how I did last week. Green are picks I got right, red are picks I got wrong, italics are my pre-game comments.

LSU (-20) @ Mississippi State: LSU 45-20 The Tiger's offense will need some time to adjust this season, but their D will be good enough to not only shut the Bulldogs down but probably put some points on the board too.
LSU by 21 = LSU looked fine, but Miss. State looked awful. The only bright spot was their 1st half running game & O-line.

Washington (-3.5) @ Syracuse: Washington 42-12 Both Ty Willingham and Greg Robinson need a strong start to their third season at their respective institutions. Only one of them gets it.
Syracuse by 9 = Solid game for Washington, and it was the only loss for the Big East this weekend.

Washington State (+14) @ Wisconsin: Wisconsin 42-21 The Badgers should pick up right where they left off last season. So might the Cougars.
Wisconsin by 17 = Yup.

Georgia Tech (+2) @ Notre Dame: Georgia Tech 33-3 Both of these teams are kind of in the same boat - coming off tough bowl losses, new QB's, so-so D's. The Yellow Jackets have the revenge factor in their corner though.
Georgia Tech by 7 = Wow, Notre Dame is going to be bad this year.

Oklahoma State (+6) @ Georgia: Georgia 35-14 Georgia's phenominal at home against non-conf opponents, but I don't know that their D will be able to contain the Cowboy's offense.
Oklahoma State by 10 = Missed this one big. The Bulldogs contained as well as put up some points of their own. They're looking like a solid Top 10 team to start the year and could be off to something special.

Kansas State (+13.5) @ Auburn: Auburn 23-13 I applaud both K-State and Auburn for having at least one non-cupcake on their non-conference schedule. This one might be close.
Auburn wins, but K-State covers the spread = K-State blew it at the end, and Auburn's got some work to do if they're going to score more than one offensive TD a game.

Tennessee (+6.5) @ California: California 45-31 Cal's been wanting to play this game for a year solid. They should come out firing and will hold on for the win.
California by 7 = USC's visit to Cal in November is looking to be a monster battle. The Bears looked solid in all facets, though their tackling leaves a bit to be desired. The Vols looked really good themselves - they should be set up for a run at the SEC East title.

Idaho (+46) @ Southern California: Southern California 38-10 I see the Trojans getting off to a somewhat slow start on Offense. Sure Booty's back, but the RB's and WR's are inexperienced. They'll win handily, and their D will shut Idaho down, but 46 points is a lot of ground to make up.
USC wins, but Idaho covers the spread = Yup.

Florida State (-3.5) @ Clemson: Clemson 24-18 Death Valley at night? That's good for at least a touchdown.
Clemson by 3 = Yup. (That was one of the worst excuses I've ever seen for rushing the field. C'mon Tigers, you're better than that.)

Colorado State (+2.5) v Colorado: Colorado 31-28 Was Hawkins a flash in the pan at Boise State? It's looking like it, seeing how they each performed last year. But the Rams just aren't looking good.
Colorado by 10 = Close enough.

Appalachian State (+27.5) @ Michigan: App State 34-32 The big bad Wolverines take on the reigning D1-AA Champs. But Henne & Co. are on a mission this year.
Michigan by 35 = That'll do, Mountaineers. That'll do. (Tearing down their own goalpost was genius.)

Marshall (+18) @ Miami (FL): Miami 31-3 The last season opener in the Orange Bowl. I'm not thinking it'll have much of an impact on the actual game. Might be closer than it looks on paper.
Miami wins, but Marshall covers the spread = Nice win for Randy Shannon. Next week versus Oklahoma should be a good game.

Not too bad this week.
Straight wins I was 9 for 12 (75%)
Against the Spread I was 8 for 12 (66.67%)
Season Totals: same.

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