Sunday, September 30, 2007

Prediction Outcomes, Week 5

LSU (-40.5) @ Tulane: LSU 34-9 As usual, I'm leery about giving away so many points. Sure the LSU D will shut Tulane down, but they're away from Death Valley and won't need to score that many points to win.
LSU wins, but Tulane covers the spread = Yup.

Oklahoma (-22.5) @ Colorado: Colorado 27-24 I picked against Oklahoma with the spread last week and it bit me in the ass. I don't think Colorado will be able to stop them, and the Sooners should pile on the points as usual.
Oklahoma by 28 = Okay, well now I know that if I actually want to get bitten in the ass, all I have to do is pick an Oklahoma game.

Southern California (-20.5) @ Washington: Southern California 27-24 The weather actually might play a difference in this one. If it rains, USC will have to run the ball down Washington's throats. If it is sunny, they'll be able to pass too.
Southern California by 21 = That was one of the ugliest games I've seen in a long time from the Trojans. They were racking up penalties like they were trying to get their yearly quota out of the way in one game. Sheesh.

Michigan (-16.5) @ Northwestern: Michigan 28-16 Michigan is hitting their usual stride. So is Northwestern.
Michigan by 21 = Nice game back for John Henne. Think ESPN will roll out the "Game of the Year" junk for the game with Ohio State this year? Not even if both of them win out until then.

Louisville (-9) @ N.C. State: Louisville 29-10 I know Louisville doesn't have a D, but NC State doesn't have an O or a D. And giving up only 9 points? I'll take the Cardinals, as ugly as they are.
Louisville by 14 = Yup. Maybe Louisville can start to turn their season around here - they should be favored in all four of their October games.

Clemson (-3) @ Georgia Tech: Georgia Tech 13-3 I've got a feeling Clemson's gonna have an easy time with the Yellow Jackets...
Clemson by 14 = Or maybe that should be the other way around. Just when I was feeling good about the Tigers.

Kent State (-1.5) @ Ohio: Kent State 33-25 This is my weekly gut tossup. The gut says go with the Golden Flashes.
Kent State by 7 = So it wasn't just heartburn.

Washington State (+2.5) @ Arizona: Arizona 48-20 I know they struggled against USC last week, but the Cougars are still a solid team. More so than the Wildcats at least.
Washington State by 10 = The Wildcats put up more of a fight than I thought they would. Well done.

Mississippi State (+13.5) @ South Carolina: South Carolina 38-21 I can see the Bulldogs pulling off the upset here - they should at least keep it close.
South Carolina wins, but Mississippi State covers the spread = Not close enough, as far as the spread's concerned.

Mississippi (+15.5) @ Georgia: Georgia 45-17 This one could probably go either way as well, since both teams are coming off solid performances. (Sure the Rebels lost, but they kept Florida close - that's gotta count for something.) This is a risky pick, partly since it involves Georgia...
Georgia wins, but Mississippi covers the spread = See above. (That'll teach me to think about revising my opinion of the Mississippi schools.)

Florida Atlantic (+21.5) @ Kentucky: Kentucky 45-17 Only 21.5? Seems rather low to me.
Kentucky by 28 = On the money.

Notre Dame (+22.5) @ Purdue: Purdue 33-19 All that progress Charlie mentioned last week? Down the drain. The Irish might score a few, but the Boilermakers will score a lot.
Purdue by 28 = Your 5-0 isn't looking so great, Boilermakers.

Ouch - Another tough week for the spread.
Straight picks I was 9-12 (75%).
Against the Spread I was a meager 4-12 (33%).
Season totals: 48-60 (80%) Straight Wins, 33.5-60 (55.83%) Against the Spread.

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