Sunday, October 14, 2007

Prediction Outcomes, Week 7

Purdue (+5.5) @ Michigan: Michigan 48-21 The Boilermakers got stomped by Ohio State last week, giving them their first loss on the season, while Michigan is slowly building a solid comeback.
Michigan by 10 = Yup.

Louisville (+10.5) @ Cincinnati: Louisville 28-24 Will the Bearcats continue their winning ways? They've been phenominal in the turnover department, can put points on the board, and have a good D. Can you believe Louisville is getting double-digit points from them? Yeah, I can too.
Cincinnati by 14 = Ouch.

Illinois (-3.5) @ Iowa: Iowa 10-6 The Fightin' Zookers are still looking solid, and they're possibly even better than their #18 ranking. Iowa is still too shaky, though a win at home would help them turn around their season in a big way.
Illinois by 7 = Oof.

Boston College (-14.5) @ Notre Dame: Boston College 27-14 There are two ways a green quarterback can play - Amazingly, as Stanford's Tavita Pritchard did against USC, or poorly, as UCLA's McLeod Bethel-Thompson did against Notre Dame last week. Lost in all the hullabaloo over the Irish's first win was that they managed only 140 yards of offense in the game. The Eagles should dispose of them handily.
Boston College by 21 = Awww...

Auburn (+3) @ Arkansas: Auburn 9-7 This is a tricky one to pick. Both teams are having a difficult go of it this season, but Auburn has a few quality wins under it's belt.
Auburn by 10 = Ah, that's better.

Missouri (+10.5) @ Oklahoma: Oklahoma 41-31 Another tough game for the Sooners, while the Tigers are riding a high after crushing Nebraska. I'm not confident calling the Tigers to win, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
Oklahoma wins, but Missouri covers the spread = Ooh, barely under the spread.

Arizona (+22.5) @ Southern California: Southern California 20-14 If the Trojans lose this one, they have a good shot at finishing under .500 for the year. They need to rebound in a big way, I understand, but why do people keep insisting that they give away so many points???
Southern California wins, but Arizona covers the spread = There we go, that's the spot.

South Carolina (-7.5) @ North Carolina: South Carolina 21-15 The Gamecocks are on a roll and should handle the Tar Heels easily.
South Carolina by 17 = Until the 4th quarter. I forgot to mention that part.

Alabama (-6.5) @ Mississippi: Alabama 27-24 Alabama has had some hard losses as of late, but there's nothing like a game against the Bulldogs to get your reserves some practice.
Alabama by 14 = Argh.

Wisconsin (+7) @ Penn State: Penn State 38-7 The Nittany Lions are seemingly back on track after two consecutive losses, but don't let the Iowa win fool you. The Badgers are still the better team.
Wisconsin by 7 = Apparently not. My bad.

Oregon State (+14.5) @ California: Oregon State31-28 How will the Bears respond now that they're in the Pac 10 driver's seat? Probably pretty well. Poor Beavers.
California by 21 = To be honest, I probably still wouldn't have picked the Beavers to cover had I known Longshore would be out.

Central Florida (+12) @ South Florida: South Florida 64-12 The Bulls had a bit of a letdown last week against Florida Atlantic, so look for them to regain their focus against an erratic Knights team.
South Florida by 14 = Good to end on a high note.

Picking these last two weeks has been crazy, and this whole year is shaping up to be one big surprise after another.
Straight Wins I was 8-12 (66.67%)
Against the Spread I was another measley 5-12 (41.67%)
Season Totals: 63 for 84 (75%) Straight Wins, 45.5 for 84 (54.17%) Against the Spread.

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