Thursday, October 4, 2007

Week 6 Predictions: Oct 6

Alright, it's time to get back on track with these picks. Lots of good games this weekend - at least three in the Big 12 that will go a long way to determining that conference's pecking order for the next few weeks. We're picking the big games this week, as tough as some of them might be to call...

Cincinnati (+3.5) @ Rutgers
The Bearcats have looked good all season, playing a few good teams, while the Scarlet Knights has looked iffy playing even worse teams. Rutgers does have the home field advantage, but Cincy has proved they can win on the road.

Cincinnati by 10.

Wisconsin (+2.5) @ Illinois
Since when does the non-ranked team give points to the #5 ranked team? Something's fishy here... Is it that Wisconsin really shouldn't be ranked that high? Or is it that Illinois should be in the top 25? Probably a little of both, but I don't know if I'm ready to jump on the Zookers bandwagon just yet...

Wisconsin by 7

Oklahoma State (+6.5) @ Texas A&M
How much will all the hullabaloo surrounding Coach Fran affect the Aggies this week? You know Gundy is just happy that the controversy doesn't revolve around him here. The Cowboys are improving, but the Aggies are at home where they're 4-0 this year.

Texas A&M by 7

Kansas (+3.5) @ Kansas State
One team will continue their catapult, the other is in for some heartbreak. The edge goes to the Wildcats because their schedule has been respectable, if not tough, going to Auburn & Texas. The Jayhawks opponents are 3-15.

Kansas State by 10

Virginia Tech (+5.5) @ Clemson
Another night game at Death Valley, but both of these teams are looking awfully shaky and seem to be hanging on to their seasons by a thread. Can the Tigers overcome last week's disappointing performance at Georgia Tech? I'm not so sure.

Virginia Tech by 7

Oklahoma (-11.5) v. Texas
This one's a tough choice, since it seems like it really could go either way. I think it's going to be closer than the spread indicates though.

Texas by 6

Nebraska (+6.5) @ Missouri
This one should end up being a shootout, since neither D is all that great. It'll be close, but the gut says go with the Tigers this week.

Missouri by 7

Florida (+8.5) @ LSU
LSU Offense - check. Florida Offense - check. LSU Defense - check. Florida Defense - hmmm...

LSU by 14

Ohio State (-7.5) @ Purdue
The Buckeyes are well-tested so far this season, while Purdue has had some defensive struggles against relatively weak teams. This might be close for a while, but I'm thinking the Boilermakers finally get their bubble burst.

Ohio State by 10

South Florida (-16.5) @ Florida Atlantic
Only 16.5? Seems rather low to me. (Is there a Owl echo in here?)

South Florida by 27.

Stanford (+39.5) @ Southern California
Look, I know that the Trojans can be explosive. And if there was any game where they could open up their offense and dominate with their defense it's this one against the Cardinal at the Coliseum. But they've only covered the spread in 2 of their 4 games this year. This one's trickier than anticipated, and it kinda looks to me like LSU last week vs. Tulane: the Trojans will struggle early then turn in on in the 2nd half, but not enough to make up 39.5 points.

Southern California wins, but Stanford (barely) covers the spread.

Arizona State (-9) @ Washington State
I thought that the Cougars were looking up before they really stank against Arizona. But they've got Arizona State at home, and the Sun Devils are bound to lose one game they're supposed to win this year. This is one of the last games of their season where the Sun Devils will be favored. I'm picking the upset here.

Washington State by 3

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