Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 9 Predictions: Oct 27

Boston College (+3.5) @ Virginia Tech
As far as Thursday night games go, this one's huge. I admit, I'm still not sold on the Hokies. Sure they're 6-1, but the only decent team they've beaten is Clemson. Though the same can be said of the Eagles, who've basically just played Georgia Tech. Both teams schedules are pretty tough from here on out, and this game will tell a lot about which is capable of running the gauntlet.

Virginia Tech by 7

Boise State (-3) @ Fresno State
The Bulldogs have beaten the teams they're supposed to, as have the Broncos. You know Pat Hill wants this one bad, and the boys in blue won't have the smurf turf to break their fall.

Fresno State by 6

South Florida (-4.5) @ Connecticut
Few casual fans are going to be rooting for the Huskies this week after that fair catch debacle. The Bulls are itching to re-prove themselves and should open up a can.

South Florida by 17

Duke (+17.5) @ Florida State
The Seminoles are losing games they're supposed to win but they have a couple good wins. This is their last truly easy game of the year, but 17.5 is a lot of points. At the same time, it's Duke - I wouldn't really have been all that surprised at 28.5.

Florida State by 24

Iowa State (+28.5) @ Missouri
Speaking of 28.5... This is a tricky call, much more so than an almost-30 point spread usually is. The Cyclones could play a solid game and keep it close, as they did against the Sooners last week. Or they could tank like they did against Northern Iowa. Missouri is looking tough, but they're not getting a lot of press...

Missouri wins, but Iowa State (barely) covers the spread

Kansas (-3) @ Texas A&M
The Aggies are up and down this year - some good wins, some bad losses. Kansas is still flying high - what's their secret? They've gotta fall sometime. (I keep saying that, don't I?)

Kansas by 7

Arizona (+4) @ Washington
The Huskies have played a brutal schedule this year, and things aren't going to get much easier than Arizona. The Wildcats are a tossup - I'm smelling a blowout, one way or another.

Washington by 17

Florida (-8.5) v Georgia
It's rather appropriate that the week before Halloween I include Georgia, since picking a Dawgs game usually scares the hell out of me. And I'm going with the cocktail party, nonetheless. I'm feeling good about the Gators here though - the Fightin' Tebows are rebounding nicely from those two losses.

Florida by 10

Virginia (-3) @ NC State
I don't know which is more shocking, that the Cavaliers are 7-1 or that they're only giving up 3 points to the inept Wolfpack. Three points? Really?

Virginia by 17

South Carolina (+3) @ Tennessee
The Old Ball Coach needs this one to avert a major slide down the rankings after being as high as #6. The Great Pumpkin needs this one to avert falling to .500. As I said, it's Halloween week.

Tennessee by 7

West Virginia (-6) @ Rutgers
I'm guessing some people wrote off the Mountaineers when they wrote off White & Slatons' Heisman hopes. But they're still one of the most explosive offenses in the country. The Scarlet Knights are coming off a big win over South Florida, but I'm seeing a letdown at home.

West Virginia by 10

Ohio State (-4) @ Penn State
And finally the big one of the week. JoePa is just one career win behind Bobby Bowden now, as much as he says it doesn't mean anything to him. And this would be a huge win for the Nittany Lions. I picked them to lose to Wisconsin, and they blew the Badgers out. This will be the Buckeye's first true test of the season, and I have a feeling they'll perform well. They always have the backing of the whole state of Ohio, but they'll be getting all the attention since the Indians blew it against the Red Sox.

Ohio State by 7


Anonymous said...

FSU lost to Miami

Ed Gunther said...

Yeah, good catch. Wishful thinking after my bad call on that game last week.