Tuesday, January 8, 2008

December 31st - 6 games

Still on a roll - I'm 13 of 15 straight up and 9 of 15 against the spread.

the Armed Forces Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 12:30pm
Fort Worth, Texas
(6-6)______Pac 10_____87.95
Air Force
(9-3)_____Mtn West____233.04
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
1Tennessee349.37W, 45-312@ Utah213.09W, 20-12
5@ Oregon251.78W, 31-243Texas Christian152.78W, 20-17
4Arizona69.56W, 45-278Wyoming-10.46W, 20-12
10Washington State31.17W, 20-1712San Diego State-84.17W, 55-23
3Louisiana Tech-48.56W, 42-127@ Colorado State-109.69W, 45-21
2@ Colorado State-109.69W, 34-2811@ Notre Dame-135.92W, 41-24
11Southern California321.57L, 17-2410Army-176.10W, 30-10
9@ Arizona State241.74L, 20-316Nevada-Las Vegas-178.30W, 31-14
7Oregon State209.72L, 28-311South Carolina State-W, 34-3
8@ UCLA117.96L, 21-304@ Brigham Young341.36L, 6-31
12@ Washington-9.10L, 23-379@ New Mexico154.27L, 31-34
14@ Stanford-46.40L, 13-205@ Navy111.26L, 20-31

The Bears have played the tougher schedule, but the won 3 less games than the Falcons did.

Cal's season tanked in October just when they were on the verge of being ranked #1, while Air Force has gone up after a rough start. Definite edge to the Falcons.

The Line: Air Force +4.5

The Story: Giving points to the Falcons? That makes this choice easy...

The Call: Air Force by 10

The Result: California 42-36 = ...it also makes that choice very wrong. Looks like Cal has found themselves a QB for next year.

the Sun Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 2:00pm
El Paso, Texas
South Florida
(9-3)_____Big East____316.42
(8-4)_____Pac 10____251.78
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
5West Virginia364.93W, 21-139Southern California321.57W, 24-17
2@ Auburn294.68W, 26-2310@ Arizona State241.74W, 35-23
7Central Florida266.42W, 64-122@ Michigan235.72W, 39-7
12Louisville106.21W, 55-173Fresno State151.92W, 52-21
13@ Pittsburgh76.94W, 48-371Houston111.86W, 48-27
6@ Florida Atlantic42.86W, 35-237Washington State31.17W, 53-7
4North Carolina7.58W, 37-108@ Washington-9.10W, 55-34
11@ Syracuse-156.53W, 41-104@ Stanford-46.40W, 55-31
1Elon-W, 28-1314Oregon State209.72L, 31-38
10Cincinnati298.97L, 33-3813@ UCLA117.96L, 0-16
9@ Connecticut232.43L, 15-225California87.95L, 24-31
8@ Rutgers146.23L, 27-3012@ Arizona69.56L, 24-34

Credit to both of these schools for playing two tough schedules - only 2 teams each that were in the red. Some major victories here for both too - West Virginia, Auburn, USC, Michigan. Even though they've lost some of their luster, these two were powerful this year.

Both of these teams had major ups and downs, but the Bulls are the only ones on their way up.

The Line: Oregon +6

The Story: It was a shame that the Ducks lost Dennis Dixon, and they'll put up a fight, but the Bulls might as well be playing regon.

The Call: South Florida by 10

The Result: Oregon 56-21 = Another Pac 10 team proving me wrong. The Ducks looked dominant not only on offense but also on defense. That's just what they needed going into the offseason.

the Humanitarian Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 2:00pm
Boise, Idaho
Fresno State
Georgia Tech
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
6@ Nevada54.01W, 49-415Clemson293.25W, 13-3
13Kansas State43.11W, 45-297@ Miami (Florida)46.59W, 17-14
5Louisiana Tech-48.56W, 17-612North Carolina7.58W, 27-25
8San Jose State-53.89W, 30-01@ Notre Dame-135.92W, 33-3
14@ New Mexico State-156.16W, 30-238Army-176.10W, 34-10
10Utah State-209.20W, 38-2711@ Duke-205.27W, 41-24
7@ Idaho-335.67W, 37-242Samford-W, 69-14
1Sacramento State-W, 24-310Virginia Tech439.86L, 3-27
11@ Hawaii395.58L, 30-3713Georgia412.72L, 17-31
3@ Oregon251.78L, 21-523Boston College313.79L, 10-24
9Boise State229.42L, 21-344@ Virginia254.75L, 23-28
2@ Texas A&M130.38L, 45-476@ Maryland134.68L, 26-28

The Yellowjackets beat Clemson, but that's about the only decent win between these two. No real bad losses though, so I guess that counts for something.

Pretty even when it comes to seasonal progress too.

The Line: Fresno State +6

The Story: The temperature isn't supposed to get above freezing all day long - the turf isn't the only thing that's gonna be blue. Fresno State has some players suspended for this game, including their All-American kick returner (though he's appealing). I still like the Bulldog's chances though.

The Call: Fresno State by 3

The Result: Fresno State 40-28 = Great win for Pat Hill & the Bulldogs.

the Music City Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 4:00pm
Nashville, Tennessee
Florida State
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
10@ Boston College313.79W, 27-177Louisiana State460.13W, 43-37
5Alabama183.77W, 21-144@ Arkansas294.50W, 42-29
12Maryland134.68W, 24-163Louisville106.21W, 40-34
3@ Colorado93.37W, 16-611@ Vanderbilt81.36W, 27-20
6North Carolina State34.24W, 27-105Florida Atlantic42.86W, 45-17
9Duke-205.27W, 25-62Kent-226.51W, 56-20
2Alabama-Birmingham-232.53W, 34-241Eastern Kentucky-W, 50-10
11@ Virginia Tech439.86L, 21-4012@ Georgia412.72L, 13-24
13@ Florida377.83L, 12-458Florida377.83L, 37-45
1@ Clemson293.25L, 18-2413Tennessee349.37L, 50-52
7@ Wake Forest245.34L, 21-249Mississippi State191.93L, 14-31
8Miami (Florida)46.59L, 29-376@ South Carolina163.22L, 23-38

Very similar schedules, these two. A couple big victories over BC and LSU, some wins over bottom-dwellers, no real bad losses.

Their progress comes together at the end - two very evenly matched teams.

The Line: Florida State +9

The Story: +9? I guess that must be because the Seminoles are leaving half their team at home, huh? Yeah. Ridiculous.

The Call: Kentucky by 17

The Result: Kentucky 35-28 = Not the prettiest of games from either team, but it's a good cap to a solid year by Kentucky.

the Insight Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 5:30pm
Tempe, Arizona
(7-5)______Big 10_____133.65
Oklahoma State
(6-6)_____Big 12____112.55
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
12Purdue126.73W, 27-244Texas Tech195.22W, 49-45
5@ Iowa72.08W, 38-208Kansas State43.11W, 41-39
10Ball State70.73W, 38-202Florida Atlantic42.86W, 42-6
2@ Western Michigan-65.04W, 37-277@ Nebraska29.14W, 45-14
3Akron-140.28W, 41-2412@ Baylor-139.20W, 45-14
6Minnesota-195.44W, 40-205Sam Houston State-W, 39-3
1Indiana State-W, 55-71@ Georgia412.72L, 14-35
4Illinois331.14L, 14-2713@ Oklahoma409.00L, 17-49
8Penn State238.54L, 31-3611Kansas322.17L, 28-43
9@ Wisconsin234.68L, 3-3310Texas275.96L, 35-38
7@ Michigan State196.40L, 27-523@ Troy134.45L, 23-41
11@ Northwestern30.45L, 28-316@ Texas A&M130.38L, 23-24

Similar schedules for these two too. It's a solid matchup of middle-of-the-roaders who are just happy to be at a bowl.

The Cowboys have worked their way back up from a tough start, while the Hoosiers have been up and down all year.

The Line: Indiana +5

The Story: The Coaches - you know that Indiana is going to be pumped for this one, playing it for Hep, while Gundy certainly knows how to start a fire, sometimes under his team.

The Call: Oklahoma State by 7

The Result: Oklahoma State 49-33 = The Cowboys had this one in the bag pretty early. Things aren't going so well for the Big 10...

the Chick-Fil-A Bowl
Monday, December 31st, 7:30pm
Atlanta, Georgia
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
11Wake Forest245.34W, 44-105@ Florida377.83W, 20-17
1Florida State200.76W, 24-187@ Arkansas294.50W, 9-7
13@ South Carolina163.22W, 23-2113Alabama183.77W, 17-10
9@ Maryland134.68W, 30-176Vanderbilt81.36W, 35-7
8Central Michigan67.05W, 70-141Kansas State43.11W, 23-13
4@ North Carolina State34.24W, 42-209Mississippi-39.22W, 17-3
2Louisiana-Monroe-29.37W, 49-264New Mexico State-156.16W, 55-20
10@ Duke-205.27W, 47-1010Tennessee Tech-W, 35-3
3Furman-W, 38-108@ Louisiana State460.13L, 24-30
6Virginia Tech439.86L, 23-4111@ Georgia412.72L, 20-45
12Boston College313.79L, 17-202South Florida316.42L, 23-26
5@ Georgia Tech154.13L, 3-133Mississippi State191.93L, 14-19

Some solid, if not great wins for both of these teams. No bad losses at all.

Again, similar paths of progress.

The Line: Auburn +2.5

The Story: All my money's on Tommy to win this one. He's been through a lot these last few years, all the rumors of changing schools, those tough losses to mediocre teams. I think he'll come through in this game and really prove that he's the best fit for his school right now.

The Call: Auburn by 10

The Result: Great slugfest between two solid teams. The SEC is winning some close ones...

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