Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 1st - 6 games

the Outback Bowl
Tuesday, January 1st, 11:00am
Tampa, Florida
(9-3)_____Big 10____234.68
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
11Michigan235.72W, 37-216Georgia412.72W, 35-14
5Michigan State196.40W, 37-3411Arkansas294.50W, 34-13
9Indiana133.65W, 33-313@ Kentucky208.61W, 52-50
4Iowa72.08W, 17-137@ Mississippi State191.93W, 33-21
1Washington State31.17W, 42-219South Carolina163.22W, 27-24
2@ Nevada-Las Vegas-178.30W, 20-1312Vanderbilt81.36W, 25-24
12@ Minnesota-195.44W, 41-342Southern Mississippi53.31W, 39-19
8Northern Illinois-277.36W, 44-34Arkansas State-63.38W, 48-27
3Citadel-W, 45-3110Louisiana-Lafayette-210.36W, 59-7
10@ Ohio State403.68L, 17-3814Louisiana State460.13L, 14-21
6@ Illinois331.14L, 26-313@ Florida377.83L, 20-59
7@ Penn State238.54L, 7-388@ Alabama183.77L, 17-41
1@ California87.95L, 31-45

The Badgers & Vols are pretty evenly matched here. A few solid wins, no real bad losses. If there's an edge, it's to Tennessee.

Tennessee gets the edge in progress too, having been on a solid streak until they barely lost to LSU in the SEC Championship.

The Line: Wisconsin +1.5

The Story: The first of the Big 10 vs SEC matchups - should be a good game.

The Call: Tennessee by 7

The Result: Tennessee 21-17 = The Badgers showed a lot of toughness, bouncing back time and again, but in the end the Vols were just too solid.

the Cotton Bowl
Tuesday, January 1st, 11:30am
Dallas, Texas
(11-2)_____Big 12____331.01
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
1Illinois331.14W, 40-3413@ Louisiana State460.13W, 50-48
13Kansas322.17W, 36-2812Mississippi State191.93W, 45-31
8Texas Tech195.22W, 41-1010South Carolina163.22W, 48-36
11Texas A&M130.38W, 40-261Troy134.45W, 46-26
10@ Colorado93.37W, 55-108@ Mississippi-39.22W, 44-8
12@ Kansas State43.11W, 49-325North Texas-309.82W, 66-7
6Nebraska29.14W, 41-69Florida International-322.15W, 58-10
2@ Mississippi-39.22W, 38-256Tennessee-Chattanooga-W, 34-15
3Western Michigan-65.04W, 52-2411@ Tennessee349.37L, 13-34
9Iowa State-155.31W, 42-287Auburn294.68L, 7-9
4Illinois State-W, 38-174Kentucky208.61L, 29-42
7@ Oklahoma409.00L, 31-413@ Alabama183.77L, 38-41
14Oklahoma409.00L, 17-38

Solid schedules for both. Edge to Missouri because they only lost to one team all year and had two great wins over BCS bowl teams.

The Tigers get the edge here too, if only because they've played better most weeks - the Hogs have just been too erratic.

The Line: Arkansas +3.5

The Story: It's all about the D - will the Hogs be able to stop the Tigers' spread attack? Will the Tigers be able to stop McFadden & Jones? Whichever D can contain will win.

The Call: Missouri by 7

The Result: Missouri 38-7 = The Razorbacks couldn't get anything going on the ground except for when they put the ball on it, while the Tigers just ran wild. Great overall season for Missouri.

the Gator Bowl
Tuesday, January 1st, 12:00pm
Jacksonville, Florida
Texas Tech
(8-4)_____Big 12____195.22
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
10Wake Forest245.34W, 17-1612Oklahoma409.00W, 34-27
7Connecticut232.43W, 17-167Texas A&M130.38W, 35-7
4Georgia Tech154.13W, 28-232Texas-El Paso-110.58W, 45-31
8@ Maryland134.68W, 18-1710@ Baylor-139.20W, 38-7
5Pittsburgh76.94W, 44-146Iowa State-155.31W, 42-17
11@ Miami (Florida)46.59W, 48-03@ Rice-221.20W, 59-24
3@ North Carolina7.58W, 22-201@ Southern Methodist-292.91W, 49-9
6@ Middle Tennessee State-67.64W, 23-215Northwestern State-W, 75-7
2Duke-205.27W, 24-138@ Missouri331.01L, 10-41
13Virginia Tech439.86L, 21-3311@ Texas275.96L, 43-59
9@ North Carolina State34.24L, 24-294@ Oklahoma State112.55L, 45-49
1@ Wyoming-10.46L, 3-239Colorado93.37L, 26-31

Huge difference in the strength of teams played. The Cavs faced and beat 7 teams in the blue, while the Red Raiders only beat 2. The worst loss of the bunch is Virginia's opening week loss at Wyoming.

Virginia gets the edge here too, putting together another fine season.

The Line: Virginia +6

The Story: Will the Cavaliers be able to stop the Red Raiders' high-octane offense? This will be the best offense they've faced this year. But if the game's close, they definitely have the advantage. I like their chances.

The Call: Virginia by 3

The Result: Texas Tech 31-28 = What a tough way for the Cavaliers to lose, giving up 17 points in the final 4 minutes. It was still a good season for them, but it's a tough way to go out. The Red Raiders are returning a lot of solid players next year and should be a force in the Big 12.

the Capital One Bowl
Tuesday, January 1st, 1:00pm
Orlando, Florida
(8-4)_____Big 10____235.72
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
8@ Illinois331.14W, 27-173Tennessee349.37W, 59-20
4Penn State238.54W, 14-98@ Kentucky208.61W, 45-37
10@ Michigan State196.40W, 28-2413Florida State200.76W, 45-12
7Purdue126.73W, 48-2111@ South Carolina163.22W, 51-31
5@ Northwestern30.45W, 28-162Troy134.45W, 59-31
6Eastern Michigan-130.06W, 33-2210Vanderbilt81.36W, 49-22
3Notre Dame-135.92W, 38-012Florida Atlantic42.86W, 59-20
9Minnesota-195.44W, 34-101Western Kentucky11.29W, 49-3
12Ohio State403.68L, 3-144@ Mississippi-39.22W, 30-24
2Oregon251.78L, 7-396@ Louisiana State460.13L, 24-28
11@ Wisconsin234.68L, 21-379Georgia412.72L, 30-42
1Appalachian State-L, 32-345Auburn294.68L, 17-20

Definite edge to the Gators for playing in the SEC. Their non-conference schedule was a joke, but at least they didn't lose their non-conference games like the Wolverines did.

The Wolverines did rebound from a rough start to the season, but the Gators climbed at the end of the year too. They're about even here.

The Line: Michigan +11

The Story: Lloyd Carr's last game should give the Wolverines some extra fight, and I'm sure they have improved against the mobile QB, but they won't be able to stop Tebow.

The Call: Florida by 15

The Result: Michigan 41-35 = Damn, the Wolverines came to play. That's the way people expected them to play all year, and they might have had they been healthy the whole season. Florida had their shots, and Tebow still went for 4 TD's, but they just didn't have the intensity today. Great way for Carr to go out.

the Rose Bowl
Tuesday, January 1st, 4:30pm
Pasadena, California
(10-2)_____Pac 10____321.57
(9-3)_____Big 10____331.14
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
13@ Arizona State241.74W, 44-2411@ Ohio State403.68W, 28-21
10Oregon State209.72W, 24-35Penn State238.54W, 27-20
14UCLA117.96W, 24-76Wisconsin234.68W, 31-26
11@ California87.95W, 24-174@ Indiana133.65W, 27-14
7Arizona69.56W, 20-139Ball State70.73W, 28-17
4Washington State31.17W, 47-1412Northwestern30.45W, 41-22
3@ Nebraska29.14W, 49-313@ Syracuse-156.53W, 41-20
5@ Washington-9.10W, 27-2410@ Minnesota-195.44W, 44-17
8@ Notre Dame-135.92W, 38-02Western Illinois-W, 21-0
1Idaho-335.67W, 38-101Missouri331.01L, 34-40
9@ Oregon251.78L, 17-248Michigan235.72L, 17-27
6Stanford-46.40L, 23-247@ Iowa72.08L, 6-10

Both teams have played so-so schedules this year - they're about even here.

The Trojans have rebounded from their losses and are flying high. But the Illini are on a roll too, not having lost since week 8. Even again.

The Line: Illinois +14

The Story: Nobody is giving Illinois much of a chance in this one, but you can bet they're going to be pumped to play in the Rose Bowl. They'll jump to an early lead but USC will come back in the 2nd half and hang on.

The Call: USC wins, but Illinois covers the spread

The Result: USC 49-17 = That looked like the Trojan teams from a few years ago, forcing turnovers and scoring points off them.

the Sugar Bowl
Tuesday, January 1st, 8:30pm
New Orleans, Louisiana
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
13Boise State229.42W, 39-279Florida377.83W, 42-30
11Fresno State151.92W, 37-3011Auburn294.68W, 45-20
12@ Nevada54.01W, 28-2612Kentucky208.61W, 24-13
14Washington-9.10W, 35-284@ Alabama183.77W, 26-23
2@ Louisiana Tech-48.56W, 45-4413@ Georgia Tech154.13W, 31-17
7@ San Jose State-53.89W, 42-3510Troy134.45W, 44-34
9New Mexico State-156.16W, 50-131Oklahoma State112.55W, 35-14
3@ Nevada-Las Vegas-178.30W, 49-147@ Vanderbilt81.36W, 20-17
6Utah State-209.20W, 52-375Mississippi-39.22W, 45-17
5@ Idaho-335.67W, 48-203Western Carolina-W, 45-16
1Northern Colorado-W, 63-66@ Tennessee349.37L, 14-35
4Charleston Southern-W, 66-102South Carolina163.22L, 12-16

Hawaii is undefeated, but they haven't played anyone reall except for Boise State. Georgia found an identity halfway through the season and has been the team nobody wants to face. This should be a huge clash and a great game.

Georgia gets the nod here, if only because they've beaten better teams on their way up.

The Line: Hawaii +8

The Story: How will the Warriors fare against a legitimate opponent? A convincing win over the Dawgs would give them a huge argument for a piece of the national championship. But to do that they're gonna have to play shut-down D, something they aren't so great at.

The Call: Georgia by 10

The Result: Georgia 41-10 = Another whuppin'. Hawaii couldn't get anything going all night long, and their O-line was just way overmatched against Georgia.

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