Saturday, September 6, 2008

Outcomes: Week 2

Not too many good matchups this weekend - friggin' cupcake games. Oh well - we'll make do...

Marshall (+20.5) Marshall @ Wisconsin Wisconsin

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Badgers are gonna run it down the Herd's throat. What's the over/under on the number of passes they attempt? 8, 9?

The Call: Wisconsin by 24
The Result: Wisconsin 51-14

I should probably count that as a loss, seeing as how the Badgers passed for twice as many yards as they ran for. But I won't.

Miami (OH) (+14.5) Miami (OH) @ Michigan Michigan

The Wolverines have a lot of work to do, but they should be able to put away the Redhawks - but not by as much as people think. Miami has an opportunity for a very big win here, and they know it.

The Call: Michigan wins, but Miami covers the spread
The Result: Michigan 16-6

And he splits the uprights! Solid effort from the Redhawks, but the Wolverine's ground game was a bit better. Along with the Buckeyes, the Big 10 had some pretty close calls against the MAC teams today... that doesn't bode well for the conference.

Georgia Tech (+7) Georgia Tech @ Boston College Boston College

The Yellow Jackets fared well in their first game under Johnson, but it was an easy one. The Eagles will be more of a challenge, but I'm liking the Jackets chances, especially with 7.

The Call: Georgia Tech by 3
The Result: Georgia Tech 19-16

Definitely not the prettiest game. The Jackets need to hang on to the ball a bit better if they're gonna keep winning.

BYU (-9.5) BYU @ Washington Washington

This is one of the "BCS-buster" litmus tests for the Cougars - can they go on the road to a Pac 10 school (albeit a lowly one at present) and win? I'd say that the way things are going with the Huskies, BYU needs to do more than win this one - they need to win decisively. But Locker's got something to prove here - can he start to save Willingham's job?

The Call: BYU wins, but Washington covers the spread
The Result: BYU 28-27

What a sad ending to the game. The Washington program seriously didn't need that kick while they're down. Not only did they end up losing, but now they're gonna be scared to get excited or hyped up when they actually are competitive and playing well. That ending was everything college football shouldn't be. Speedy recovery to Darin Harris.

Central Michigan Central Michigan @ Georgia Georgia (-23.5)

Aw, hell. If you recall last season, picking Georgia games absolutely did not work for me. The Dawgs always found a new and exciting way to stymie my calls, just toying with my emotions all season. But not this year - no sir!

The Call: Georgia by 28
The Result: Georgia 56-17

There you go! Well done boys, I knew you had it in you. I'm glad we're on better terms this year.

Cincinnati (+21.5)Cincinnati@ Oklahoma Oklahoma

The Bearcats were one of the big surprises last year, able to put big points on the board. I'm still really liking the Sooners chances this year, but their D is going to have their hands full. Cincy pulls out all the stops, but doesn't get the big W.

The Call: Oklahoma wins, but Cincinnati covers the spread
The Result: Oklahoma 52-26

A strong finish by the Sooners, just when it looked like the Bearcats were hanging on.

Oregon State Oregon State @ Penn State Penn State (-15.5)

The Nittany Lions are riding high on a win over Coastal Carolina (amongst other things), while the Beavers need a quick rebound after a loss to Stanford. Is it me, or are the spreads for these games just looking really big this week? (I don't have the guts to call the straight upset.)

The Call: Penn State wins, but Oregon State covers the spread
The Result: Penn State 45-14

Good job, gut - keep me out of trouble. Well, after the first two weeks it's looking like the big matchup in the Big 10 this year is October 11th when the Nittany Lions visit Wisconsin.

West Virginia West Virginia @ East Carolina East Carolina (+7.5)

The Pirates scored a huge win over Virginia Tech last week, while the Mountaineers cruised over Villanova. Sorry, Pirates - not gonna happen again. You're gonna be the studio audience for The Pat White Show.

The Call: West Virginia by 17
The Result: East Carolina 24-3

Oh, NOW I get it. This is one of those episodes where the star of the show thinks everything is normal, but everyone in the studio audience has whipped cream pies hidden under their seat. And when someone gives the signal - pow! Why didn't anyone tell me? Well played, Pirates. Well played.

California (-13.5) Cal @ Washington State Washington State

Only 13.5? Really? I'll take those numbers.

The Call: California by 21
The Result: California 66-3

Yeah, that's what I thought. The Bears had the spread covered within the first minute and a half.

Minnesota (+5.5)Minnesota @ Bowling Green Bowling Green

I know, I know - people are calling for the upset after BG beat Pitt last weekend. But Pitt was overrated, and the Falcons' stats weren't anything to write home about. Sure they'll have a bit of a home-field advantage - the fans in Perry Stadium should be electric. All 23,000 of them. (And Minnesota's getting points?)

The Call: Minnesota by 7
The Result: Minnesota 42-17

On a day when the Big 10 had some troubles with the MAC, who would've thought one of the biggest margins of victory between those conferences would be in this game?

Miami (FL) Miami (FL) @ Florida Florida (-21.5)

A bit of a stiffer test this week for the Fightin' Tebows. I'd be shocked if the U pulls this one off.

The Call: Florida by 24
The Result: Florida 26-3

Well, I honestly thought the Gators would put 40+ on the board and that the Canes wouldn't be completely inept on offense. But I'll take it.

All around solid today - Straight up I was 10 of 11, and against the spread I was 8 of 11. Sweet. On the season, I'm 20 of 26 (77%) straight up and 17 of 26 (65%) against the spread. I hope I don't jinx myself - I started strong last year too but then lost it at the end of the season...

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