Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Bad Combination

Even though I'm willing to admit that my anti-playoff stance has softened in recent years, my deep-seated loathing for this type of media crap knows no bounds. I know you need to give Lunardi something to do, ESPN, but couldn't you at least ACT like you care about the college basketball regular season? I mean, you're not even trying.

But that couldn't/wouldn't happen with college football, right? Wrong.

Apparently since conventional wisdom among those with short memories and no imagination is that Texas and the SEC champ are basically locks for the title game, we might as well ignore the last four weeks of the season. "This season is dangerously close to jumping the shark"? C'mon, Hinton - you're better than that. We've got exciting conference races in the Pac10, ACC, and BigEast, a Heisman race that's been one of the closest in memory, and November rivalries all still on the slate. How many times can I say it - it's not just about the championship, people. If your focus is on January 7th, you're missing out.

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