Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 11 Predictions

West Virginia @ Cincinnati (-9.5)

The Mountaineers are 7-2 and should be a solid test for the Bearcats, but they just don't have the defense to stop Kelly's offense.

The Call: Cincinnati by 14
The Result: Cincinnati 24-21

The Bearcats hang on for the W. In two weeks vs Illinois shouldn't be too bad, but the finale against Pitt should be great TV (except for all the unnecessary mentions about the problems with the BCS. I'm putting the over-under for that at 37.)

Tennessee @ Mississippi (-5.5)

The Vols are about to go through a bit of a rough patch, both on and off the field. If they can win two of their next three against Ole Miss, Vandy, and Kentucky, they'll finish at 7-5, which is probably better than most had thought back in August. The Rebels aren't as good as people expected them to be this year, but expectations were too high to begin with. A win here will probably help them finish 8-4.

The Call: Mississippi by 7
The Result: Mississippi 42-17


Georgia Tech @ Duke (+12.5)

Sorry, Blue Devils - you're gonna have to stay on that edge of your seat.

The Call: Georgia Tech by 20
The Result: Georgia Tech 49-10

And the ramblin' wreck keeps rollin'... with Miami up next, Duke's season and bowl hopes are coming down to the wire.

Houston (-4.5) @ Central Florida

The Cougars D has given up a lot of points lately, but they've also averaged 42 a game on offense for the last few games.

The Call: Houston by 9
The Result: UCF 37-32

Yeah, see if Houston had actually scored 42, they would've won. Averages schmaverages.

Stanford @ USC (-10.5)

Has anybody seen the way the Trojans and Cardinal have been playing lately? 10.5? Maybe the other way around.

The Call: Stanford by 7
The Result: Stanford 55-21

It's okay, Trojans. You'll be better next year and in the long run. Is anybody playing better than the Cardinal right now? I'd seriously consider them for top ten placement.

Iowa (+16.5) @ Ohio State

Iowa fell off the bus last weekend. This weekend it's going to run them over.

The Call: Ohio State wins, but Iowa (barely) covers the spread
The Result: Ohio State 27-24

And the Big10 title belongs to the Buckeyes - yet again. The big question is whether or not they'll be able to turn things around in the Rose Bowl. Against the Pac10, the way those teams are playing right now? Hmmm... The Hawkeyes have fallen hard these past two weeks, but they still have a chance at a BCS at-large, which isn't too shabby at all.

Nebraska @ Kansas (+4.5)

Nebraska's D should be solid, but their offense need to step up soon.

The Call: Nebraska by 10
The Result: Nebraska 31-17

Kinda like that. And I'll say it again - the Cornhuskers are going to give the Longhorns a good game in the Big12 Championship.

Florida (-17.5) @ South Carolina

The Gators should be able to shut down the Gamecocks' offense, but there's still seems to be some hiccups in their own O...

The Call: Florida wins, but South Carolina covers the spread
The Result: Florida 24-14

Hiccups or no hiccups, you can't argue with the fact that the Gators are getting it done. That's what the best teams do.

Idaho (-31.5) @ Boise State

I like Vandals coach Akey's attitude about spoiling his own conference's BCS party. That's gotta be worth at least a cover.

The Call: Boise State wins, but Idaho covers the spread
The Result: Boise State 63-25

And that shows the power of "wanting" something.

Arizona (+3) @ California

I don't think the Bears will lose because they don't have Best anymore - they've proven they can lose with him, and their trajectory is going down. The Wildcats on the other hand are alive and kicking, aiming for their first trip to the Rose Bowl. Most of me says the Wildcats will win, but there's this nagging feeling...

The Call: California by 6
The Result: California 24-16

Gold star for that pick.

Auburn @ Georgia (-4)

The Dawgs need just one more to get bowling at 6-6, and you've gotta figure they've got their best chance against Kentucky next week. But still, a win here would slingshot them into the rivalry with Georgia Tech. The Tigers started the season on fire but have tripped up, going 2-3 in their last five games. They still have the potent offense to get it done, but the gut is yelling to go with the Dawgs at home. (You better be sure about this one, gut.)

The Call: Georgia by 6
The Result: Georgia 31-24

Keep going, gut - you're on a roll.

Alabama (-12.5) @ Mississippi State

Seriously? The Bulldogs are terrible.

The Call: Alabama by 24
The Result: Alabama 31-3

See? Terrible.

Utah @ TCU (-20)

The Horned Frogs are just steamrolling people. It's their turn to be top non-BCS dog this year. But the Utes aren't going to go down without a fight.

The Call: TCU wins, but Utah covers the spread
The Result: Utah 55-28

TCU is making a really good case for being the best team in the nation right now.

Texas Tech (+4.5) @ Oklahoma State

The Cowboys have put up big numbers in all their games except the Texas one, while the Red Raiders are just as solid on offense. Yeah, this one will come down to D - and I have more faith in the Cowboys.

The Call: Oklahoma State by 7
The Result: Oklahoma State 24-17


Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh (-6.5)

Charlie Weis needs this one reeeeealy badly. But the Panthers have been solid, especially in the tough (yeah, I said it) BigEast. That loss to NC State becomes more inexplicable every week.

The Call: Pittsburgh by 9
The Result: Pittsburgh 27-22

The rumors of Urban Meyer to Notre Dame started way before this - but this loss just added fuel to that fire. Let's not overlook Pittsburgh and their 9-1 season though - Wannstedt has turned this team into a gem.

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