Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 10 Predictions

Northwestern @ Iowa (-16.5)

The Hawkeyes know they need to start bringing it bigger if they're gonna have any shot at the title game. This is a good opportunity for them to gain some style points with the voters.

The Call: Iowa by 21
The Result: Northwestern 17-10

And the Hawkeyes fall off the high wire. They still have a shot at the Big10 title if they can beat Ohio State next week, but the way things are looking a title shot is out.

South Carolina @ Arkansas (-7)

I've got a good feeling that the visor is going to be safe this week.

The Call: South Carolina by 7
The Result: Arkansas 33-16

Run, visor! Run!

Kansas (-2.5) @ Kansas State

I know the Wildcats are 5-4 and atop the Big12 North, but they don't have a single decent win. Not one. They also have horrible losses to UCLA and LA-Lafayette. The Jayhawks are floundering with three straight losses, but they should do better in this one.

The Call: Kansas by 10
The Result: Kansas State 17-10

I'm not sure this counts as a decent win, but a W is a W. Kansas is really struggling right now - the way they're going they might not make a bowl.

Navy (+12.5) @ Notre Dame

The Irish can just taste that BCS bowl bid now...

The Call: Notre Dame by 17
The Result: Navy 23-21

...and it tastes like failure. Bitter, bitter failure.

Oregon @ Stanford (+7)

Not to harp on last week, but after the way they dismantled the Trojans, I'm not sure anybody could beat the Ducks right now.

The Call: Oregon by 14
The Result: Stanford 51-42

Except for Stanford. The Ducks still control their own destiny in the Pac10, and they're still solid (mostly), but damn. The Cardinal are now 6-3, and with USC, Cal & Notre Dame left, they can either tail off or finish strong. I think this game should serve as a major warning to all three of those teams.

Duke (+10) @ North Carolina

It's balls-to-the-wall time in this one.

The Call: Duke by 3
The Result: North Carolina 19-6

C'mon, Dookies. You're almost there!

LSU (+7.5) @ Alabama

The Tide need to sorta maybe kinda need to get their offense back on track, but the Tigers need an offense period - I'd be surprised if they reached double digits. As usual, they're gonna need some points/excellent field position from their defense to keep this one close.

The Call: Alabama by 14
The Result: Alabama 24-15

It was a good start for the Tigers, but Bama's just too deep and relentless.

Ohio State @ Penn State (-5)

I'm still not sold on the Nittany Lions as a top ten team. But I know the Buckeyes aren't one.

The Call: Penn State by 7
The Result: Ohio State 24-7

Well, we know Penn State isn't top ten material either. With the upsets today, the Bucks are looking better and better...

TCU (-24.5) @ San Diego State

It's not gonna be pretty (unless you're a Horned Frog)

The Call: TCU by 31
The Result: TCU 55-12

Yeah, that one was a bit easy, I know.

Oregon State @ California (-7)

These two are fighting tooth and nail in the Pac10... I like the Beaver's chances away from home.

The Call: Oregon State by 4
The Result: Oregon State 31-14

It's going to be one hell of a finish in the Pac10 this year. Jeez.

Houston @ Tulsa (+1.5)

The Cougars have dropped off people's radar since their loss to UTEP, but they're still a powerful team.

The Call: Houston by 14
The Result: Houston 46-45

The Golden Hurricanes gave the Cougars all they could handle. Good for them for beating the spread.

Oklahoma @ Nebraska (-4.5)

Really looking forward to seeing how the Sooners' offense does against the blackshirts. I think it'll be low scoring, and the Cornhusker offense will give it up.

The Call: Oklahoma by 3
The Result: Nebraska 10-3

Well, the Cornhusker offense didn't lose it, which was good. But that D... wow. When was the last time the Sooners were held to that low a total? To answer my own question, it looks like the last time they were in single digits was when Kansas State whupped them in the Big12 Championship in 2003. Nebraska is turning into a huge roadblock for Texas...

UConn (+17) @ Cincinnati

The Husky D is porous, but their offense can put up the points. They won't win, but they might be able to make it a game...

The Call: Cincinnati wins, but UConn covers the spread
The Result: Cincinnati 47-45

The Bearcats are just ridiculously effective on offense. Their D is usually stellar too, but tonight they were just off. They should be able to get things back on track though. Props to UConn for another tough game.

USC (-10) @ Arizona State

The Trojans' last road game of the season, and they need to make up ground quickly if they want to possibly grab an at-large BCS spot. The Sun Devils need to finish 2-2 against USC, Oregon, Arizona, and UCLA to become bowl eligible, so they'll need at least one upset plus a victory over the Bruins. They won't get it this week though - Trojans get back to form.

The Call: USC by 17
The Result: USC 14-9

It's been a wild ride of a season for the Trojans with their Freshman QB, road games, injuries (freakish and otherwise) galore. If they can hang on they might just end up in a BCS bowl. But they're not looking like a top ten team right now, even though they'll probably move up this week. The Sun Devils played well, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but those TO's killed them.

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