Friday, September 24, 2010

Week 4 Predictions

TCU @ SMU (+17.5)

The Horned Frogs are just getting going, while the Mustangs have turned things around after a rough opening week loss. I just don't think the ponies will be able to keep up from the get-go.

The Call: TCU by 21

The Result: TCU 41-24
This does not bode well for the spread this week.

NC State (+8) @ Georgia Tech

The Wolfpack at 3-0, huh? Granted, Western Carolina, UCF, and Cincinnati aren't very tough competition this year. Then there's the Yellow Jacket's loss to underwhelming Kansas... I think we need to split the uprights here.

The Call: Georgia Tech wins, but NC State covers the spread

The Result: NC State 45-28
The Wolfpack, huh? Hmmm... in a down ACC, they might be able to do something...

Florida Intl. @ Maryland (-12)

The Terrapins haven't really done much this year, but at least they've won a couple. The Golden Panthers have dropped two close ones to BCS teams, but not very good ones. I like Maryland to roll in this one.

The Call: Maryland by 17

The Result: Maryland 42-28
Close enough.

Bowling Green @ Michigan (-25.5)

The Falcons have put up an average of 25 points in their games so far, and the Wolverines don't have much defense. It won't be close, but big M won't cover.

The Call: Michigan wins, but Bowling Green covers the spread

The Result: Michigan 65-21
Maybe Robinson going down was just what the defense needed to spur them on. How will they fare when he's back? (It's been one of those days...)

UAB (+14) @ Tennessee

Yes, the Vols are struggling this year. But they're not "the Blazers will make a game of it" struggling.

The Call: Tennessee by 24

The Result: Tennessee 32-29
Well, apparently they are. The Vols could be out of bowl contention by the end of October.

UCF (+7) @ Kansas State

The Wildcats should have enough in the tank to put things away at the end.

The Call: Kansas State by 14

The Result: Kansas State 17-13
Or pull things out at the very end. It's similar.

Miami (OH) @ Missouri (-20)

The Tigers are off to a good 3-0 start, but their two decent wins have been close. And the Redhawks held strong with Florida while beating two non-BCS teams, scoring in the process. 20 points is too much.

The Call: Missouri wins, but Miami covers the spread

The Result: Missouri 51-13
Man, this spread thing is just not going well. At all.

USC (-22) @ Washington State

Aw jeez, do we really have to go over this again? The Trojans don't cover. They just don't.

The Call: USC wins, but Washington State covers the spread

The Result: USC 50-16
Maybe I just need to do the opposite next week.

Alabama @ Arkansas (+7)

Yeah, I know, the Razorbacks are top-notch, they're explosive, they're much improved. The Tide are better.

The Call: Alabama by 10

The Result: Alabama 24-20
Good game by both, but Arkansas just didn't have the poise.

UCLA @ Texas (-16)

I know they played well against Houston last week, but I'm thinking the Bruins don't cross midfield until the second half.

The Call: Texas by 20

The Result: UCLA 34-12
Well, at least I got that one totally wrong instead of just half. Props to the Bruins.

Stanford (-4.5) @ Notre Dame

The Kelly era hasn't really started the way the Irish faithful would've hoped. It's about to get worse.

The Call: Stanford by 14

The Result: Stanford 37-14
The Cardinal are one a big old roll.

Oklahoma @ Cincinnati (+13.5)

This isn't the same Bearcat team, as we've seen thus far this season. Unfortunately for them, the Sooners look pretty much like themselves.

The Call: Oklahoma by 24

The Result: Oklahoma 31-29
Which, for this year, is somewhat like Jekyl & Hyde. Who know which Sooner team is going to show up? (Apparently not me.)

Nevada @ BYU (+4)

After completely dismantling the Cal defense last week, the Wolf Pack are looking like they might challenge Boise State. The Cougars win over Washington has lost all of its luster, and the two losses since then haven't helped.

The Call: Nevada by 7

The Result: Nevada 27-13
And that results in a rankings. Well done, boys. Now if you can just cut out the chop blocks, you'll be good to go.

Fresno State @ Ole Miss (-2)

A home SEC team only giving 2 points to an away WAC team - that kinda says it all with where these two have been so far this year. If there was a time to jump on the beating-the-Rebels bandwagon, this is it. But I think the Bulldogs will run into some problems...

The Call: Ole Miss by 7

The Result: Ole Miss 55-38 not bringing their D with them. And the Rebels get back on track.

Oregon State @ Boise State (-18)

The Bronco's story has been rehashed over and over. They're good, we know. But this is about the time when the Beavers start to turn things up a few notches.

The Call: Boise State wins, but Oregon State covers the spread

The Result: Boise State 37-24
WAC or not, but Broncos are looking pretty unstoppable.

West Virginia @ LSU (-10)

The Mountaineers certainly are having some issues this year, but so are the Tigers. I think the visitors can steal one here.

The Call: West Virginia by 3

The Result: LSU 20-14
The Tigers are gonna be tough if they ever get their offense going.

Straight up good again 13-3, but against the spread bad again, 7-9. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

Fresno State and Ole Miss sure look a lot like Northwestern and Rice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you need a little adjustment on the icons for that Fresno St-Ole Miss game

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The only thing standing in Boise's way of playing for the national championship game is getting past Oregon State this weekend, and then having a couple of the top teams like Texas or Alabama lose games. I think they win this game easily.

Ed Gunther said...

Whoops - thanks