Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 8 Predictions

Temple @ Buffalo (+8)

Has it really only been two years since the Bulls were over .500 and playing in a bowl? Seems like forever ago.

The Call: Temple by 11

The Result: Temple 42-0
Since when does Temple thrash people 42-0? Wow - good for the Owls.

Michigan State @ Northwerstern (+6)

The Spartans are rolling and can at least feel good about their chances in the Big10 this year. The Wildcats are a surprising 5-1, but their schedule doesn't show any big wins over good teams.

The Call: Michigan State by 10

The Result: Michigan State 35-27
Now the real test comes for the Spartans - Iowa is their last big hurdle, though Purdue or Penn State might sneak up on them.

Purdue (+23.5) @ Ohio State

How will the Buckeyes respond to last weeks letdown at Wisconsin? There's no splitting the uprights here - they're either gonna lose again (improbable, but feasible), or they're gonna stomp the Boilermakers (likely).

The Call: Ohio State by 31

The Result: Ohio State 49-0
That's the Buckeyes we've come to know this year. Too bad it's a week late.

Wyoming @ BYU (-10.5)

Neither one of these teams has shown much so far this season, both being 2-5 on the year. That doesn't make for a 10+ point spread.

The Call: BYU wins, but Wyoming covers the spread

The Result: BYU 25-20
Yeah, pretty happy about this call.

Wisconsin @ Iowa (-6)

Remember what happened to South Carolina last week, coming off a win over #1 and taking on a so-so Kentucky? Same thing, except the Badgers are taking on a powerful Iowa.

The Call: Iowa by 10

The Result: Wisconsin 31-30
Yeah, not so much about this one. Poor management at the end of the game is uncharacteristic of the Hawkeyes - they need to get it back together.

LSU (+5.5) @ Auburn

This should be a good one. LSU's defense should be able to contain Cam Newton, at least holding him to an under-average day. But the story is going to be if LSU's mediocre offense can do anything against Auburn's mediocre defense.

The Call: Auburn by 9

The Result: Auburn 24-17
And LSU hits the wall. This does not bode well for their game against Alabama next week... Auburn is growing in leaps and bounds, but they better hope their D can improve...

Georgia Tech @ Clemson (-5)

The Yellowjackets fell off the map since losing to Kansas, but have put together a really quiet 5-2 resume and are gonna sneak up on the ACC. Mark my words.

The Call: Georgia Tech by 7

The Result: Clemson 27-13
Yeah, mark them down - in pen, no pencils here. (Then discount them, go get yourself another copy, and rewrite it. Argh.)

Colorado State @ Utah (-30.5)

I'm always leery about 30+ point spreads...

The Call: Utah wins, but Colorado State covers the spread

The Result: Utah 59-6
Yeah, perhaps I'm underestimating the Utes this year. I'll look into them more this week...

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt (+12)

This is the game where the 'Cocks get back on track.

The Call: South Carolina by 17

The Result: South Carolina 21-7
Not the most dominant performance, but the Gamecocks are still on a good path to the SEC title game.

Alabama (-16.5) @ Tennessee

Tennessee is still struggling and has been floundering all year. The Tide had a bit of a hiccup and can still bring it.

The Call: Alabama by 21

The Result: Alabama 41-10

North Carolina @ Miami FL (-6.5)

Adversity can bring a team together or it can destroy them. The Tar Heels better hope they have some strong glue.

The Call: Miami by 13

The Result: Miami 33-10
The Hurricanes are rebounding nicely and are making a solid run through the ACC.

Air Force @ TCU (-18.5)

It's just not wise to bet against the Horned Frogs this year.

The Call: TCU by 24

The Result: TCU 38-7
The TCU-Utah matchup in a couple of weeks is gonna be huge.

Oklahoma @ Missouri (+3)

Nope - not gonna have another #1 go down this week - sorry. Not really.

The Call: Oklahoma by 10

The Result: Missouri 36-27
And down goes #1. I can never bring myself to pick the big upset though...

Solid effort this week. 10-3 straight up, 9-4 against the spread. Much better than normal. On the year we're looking at 73-29 straight up, 52-50 against the spread. Better than I remember.

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