Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 14 Predictions

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati (-1.5)

The Panthers haven't had a really bad loss yet, while the Bearcats aren't even going to be bowling this year.

The Call: Pittsburgh by 7

The Result: Pittsburgh 28-10
Fun snow game. This wasn't the season the Panthers were hoping for, at 7-5, but it could've been a lot worse.

Oregon (-16.5) @ Oregon St

Sorry, Beavers. You'll need to play a perfect game to even keep this one close.

The Call: Oregon by 23

The Result: Oregon 37-20
Close one for the spread, but the Ducks get it done and are in the title game. Props.

Auburn (-4.5) v South Carolina

It was a close one the last time these two played, and I think the Gamecocks can pull it off if they can keep up offensively and get some turnovers. But the Tigers are just too confident and running downhill right now.

The Call: Auburn by 7

The Result: Auburn 56-17
7, 17, 70 - no difference. The Gamecocks were outplayed & outcoached from the starting gun. I've thought all season that the TCU defense would be a good matchup for the Tigers offense, and I would've given the edge to the Horned Frogs, but I'm not so sure anymore.

Washington (-5.5) @ Washington St

The Apple Cut could mean one more bowl berth for the Pac10 if Washington wins, and you know the Dawgs are going to pull out all the stops to make it happen.

The Call: Washington by 11

The Result: Washington 35-28
Good game all around. The Cougars made it interesting and did a fine job coming back, but Jake Locker finally put it together after a season filled with bad playcalling, injuries, and just not getting it done.

Florida State v Virginia Tech (-3.5)

Finally, an ACC championship game with some teeth. The Seminoles are trying to regain what they still see as their rightful place atop the conference, while the Hokies are trying to keep their winning alive.

The Call: Virginia Tech by 7

The Result: Virginia Tech 44-33
And the Hokies are back in the BCS, and besides the undefeateds, are on the biggest roll of the year. It'll finally be a good Orange Bowl with Beamer's Boys matched up with Stanford.

Nebraska v Oklahoma (-4)

Another good championship game, and quite the send-off for the Huskers from the Big12. They've been good, but a bit rocky this year, while the Sooners are comfortable in their usual spot. This one's gonna come down to the wire.

The Call: Nebraska by 3

The Result: Oklahoma 23-20
Ah, fell on the wrong side. But the Big12 got the sendoff they wanted for the Huskers.

It was a short one, but still this close to a perfect weekend. 5-1 straight up, 6-0 against the spread. Brings me to 128-51 and 98.5-80.5. Now if I can do as well in the bowls...

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