Saturday, August 6, 2005

An Ungodly Amount of Football Data

Alrighty, here are the links to my data. They're on Google doc pages, but you'll want to download them in their Excel form. I've included a sheet in each file labeled "key to columns" that details what the column headings mean. In general, columns in blue are related to the home team (or primary team), while columns in red are related to their opponents. Other colors are used to denote like columns.

There's three files:

Rankings 1998-2010 (3.7mb): this file has all the AP, Coaches, BCS, and Harris rankings, votes, and first-place votes from 1998 on. Also included are W-L records for the full season & gametime.

Game Data 1998-2010 (29.0mb): every game including rankings, spread lines, ncaa stats (from 2000-on), and a bunch of other stuff I found useful. This is the big one - 14 individual sheets.

Team Data 1998-2010 (3.9mb): every team's full season including all of the same data in the game files and then some.

If you find an incorrect stat or anything wrong, just email me and I'll correct it and put a note here so that everyone can update. If you have any questions about any of it, just let me know.



Update 7/11/11: link #3 now goes to a new version of the team data with corrected stats.


Anonymous said...

Awesomeeeee. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think there may be errors in the Team Data spreadsheet. For example, in 2005 you have the Texas Longhorns as scoring 20 rushing TDs and 15 passing TDs. That's 35 (offensive) TD total. 35*7 = 245.
Their total points for the year were 652. So 652 - 245 = 407.

They scored some TDs on defense and special Teams, but not to the total of 407 points.

You have 2005 USC listed as scoring 5 rushing TDs. This is obviously incorrect.

I just ran a quick check by adding all points gained from Rush TD, Pass TD, FG, all return TD, and all def. TD, and subtracting that total from the given team's total points scored. Not a single one came out at 0 (as we would expect). Some, like UT and USC are egregious (off by over 400 pts).

So, I'm certain there are obviously some errors in the TD columns.

Ed Gunther said...

Good catch - fixed.

Anonymous said...

That is really cool!

Are quarter by quarter scores available from you source(s)? They are interesting.

Huckleberry said...

I love you, Ed.

Huckleberry said...

The 2010 game data lists both teams as "vs" for Arkansas' games in Little Rock (LSU and Louisiana-Monroe). 2009 doesn't show this so I'm assuming the lines with ULM and LSU should have an "@" in Column N.

Ed Gunther said...

Good catch, Huck - that's correct.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the Team Data spreadsheet could be confusing "Fumble Returns" and "Fumble Recoveries". Looks like a lot of teams have zeroes for Fumble Recoveries, when they really didn't have any returns. But they did have recoveries (that, I guess, had no returns, or at least no reported returns).

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