Thursday, November 1, 2007

Week 10 Predictions: Nov 3

Virginia Tech (+3) @ Georgia Tech
Another Thursday night game for the Hokies, but they're getting points this week... They're on the road, sure, but the Yellow Jackets? This one feels funny, but I've gotta think Virginia Tech is going to rebound.

Virginia Tech by 7

Cincinnati (+5) @ South Florida
Both these teams started the season 6-0 but have lost their last 2. Which one can rebound and get their momentum back? The Bulls have bigger wins, are playing at home, and have more weapons.

South Florida by 10

South Carolina (+4.5) @ Arkansas
The Gamecocks need this one to have any chance in the SEC East, while the Razorbacks need to keep their season (and McFadden's Heisman hopes) from taking another major hit.

South Carolina by 7

Nebraska (+18.5) @ Kansas
Ah, Kansas. The Jayhawks can pile up the points, though they haven't in the past two weeks. The Huskers can't, especially now that their QB is out for the season. It's a big spread, but I can see the Jayhawks covering.

Kansas by 21

LSU (-7.5) @ Alabama
This is a big one in the south - if Alabama can somehow pull out the win, they've got the inside track to the SEC West. Not gonna happen though.

LSU by 10

Arizona State (+7.5) @ Oregon
Even though Carpenter says he's going to play, he's not going to be 100% this week. The Ducks showed a solid defense against USC last week and should be able to contain the Sun Devils.

Oregon by 10

Texas A&M (+21.5) @ Oklahoma
This would be a huge win for embattled Coach Fran - expect the Aggies to throw everything they've got at the Sooners. If Lane goes for 100 yards, the upset could happen. But it won't.

Oklahoma wins, but Texas A&M covers the spread

Wisconsin (+16) @ Ohio State
The Buckeyes have played big this year, but they're not immune to the down week. This one could be close.

Ohio State wins, but Wisconsin covers the spread

Washington (-3.5) @ Stanford
Oh, a tricky one. The bottom of the Pac 10 isn't a fun place to be, as both these teams know. They both really need this one, and I've got a feeling the battle-tested Huskies are going to get a break.

Washington by 7

Michigan (-4) @ Michigan State
The Wolverines are on a major roll, with or without their starters. If Hart runs well, this could be a blowout.

Michigan by 10

Troy State (+16.5) @ Georgia
I know, I know. But the Dawgs are the picking equivalent of crack. Giving up only 16.5 to Troy? At home? After pasting the Gators last week? I just can't stay away! Help!

Georgia by 24

Florida Intl (+17.5) @ Arkansas State
This last one's a tossup. Some weeks it's easy to find 12 or more games to pick, some it's really tough to find the good matchups. Since that's the case, why not give a little love to the Sun Belt? They could use it, I'm sure. I have the Golden Panthers dead last in my rankings, while the Indians sit at #96. 17.5 seems like a lot of points to give up, but Florida Intl can't put points on the board. This is a gut pick - I'll go with it.

Arkansas State by 21

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