Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week 12 Predictions: Nov 17

Oregon (-12.5) @ Arizona
The Ducks know they have their work cut out for them in getting to the NC game - LSU is there if they win out, and it's going to be a tight race if one of the three Big 12 teams in the top 5 wins out. So the order of the day is style points, something that is achievable in the desert against the Wildcats.

Oregon by 17

West Virginia (-6.5) @ Cincinnati
The Bearcats are sitting pretty at 8-2, and should find themselves in a decent bowl game, which is a move up for them. The Mountaineers should be in for a fight, but they seem like they've got something to prove... I wouldn't want to get their offense mad.

West Virginia by 14

Vanderbilt (+11.5) @ Tennessee
Back in 2005, the Commodores beat the Vols in Knoxville. Can they do it again? Maybe? Could it happen? Nope.

Tennessee by 13

Oklahoma (-8) @ Texas Tech
The Sooners still has a shot at the NC game, but they'll have to win out to stay alive. The good news is that their schedule is easier than Missouri's or Kansas's, mainly because those two have to play each other. Mike Leach and the Red Raiders have been a bit rattled all week - have they spent too much time complaining and not enough training? The Sooners won't let it be close enough for the refs to make a difference.

Oklahoma by 17

Duke (+6) @ Notre Dame
This one's gonna be ugly, you can just feel it.

Duke by 3

Kentucky (+7.5) @ Georgia
I gotta say, I'm feeling a bit better about the Dawgs since they've been on a tear. They should be able to hold off the Wildcats. (Psst - I had the epiphany that the Dawgs will usually do the opposite of what I predict, so I'm putting that hypothesis to the test this week. I really think it'll be close and possibly even a loss, but that's on the down low. Shhh.)

Georgia by 14

Boston College (+7.5) @ Clemson
Alright, this one's basically for the ACC Atlantic Division. Who wants it more? The Tigers are climbing, while the Eagles are tumbling.

Clemson by 10

Wisconsin (-14) @ Minnesota
Hmmm... I want to take the Badgers by a lot, but they've been shifty this year. Good thing the Golden Gophers haven't.

Wisconsin by 17

Missouri (-7.5) @ Kansas State
The Wildcats are hard to pin down this year too. A good win (@ Texas), some bad losses (@ Iowa State, @ Nebraska), but they're 1-3 in their past 4 games. The Tigers' only blemish is a loss at Oklahoma - other than that they're looking great. Like Oregon, they need style points.

Missouri by 17

California (-7) @ Washington
Oh, how the Bears have fallen. A month ago they were on the verge of being #1, but they've only won one game since. They're already bowl eligible (and will be even more so after they beat Stanford in the last week of the season), but if they don't win this one they have a serious chance of being left home during the holidays at 7-5 because of their second-half implosion. The Huskies will most likely be without their star QB, which doesn't bode well for them.

California by 10

Iowa State (+26.5) @ Kansas
This one depends on the Cyclones. They've looked really bad at times this season, losing to Kent State and D1-AA Northern Iowa, but they've beaten Kansas State & Colorado in consecutive weeks this November. So which team will show up? Kansas doesn't really have anything to prove - win out and they should be in the NC game. I'm not saying they'll play it cautious, but I think it could be closer than the spread if the ball bounces the Cyclone's way.

Kansas wins, but Iowa State covers the spread.

North Carolina (+10) @ Georgia Tech
I must admit, I'm tempted to call the Tar Heels number on this one. Just a gut feeling. But I think the gut is just getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Georgia Tech by 13

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