Sunday, December 2, 2007

Prediction Outcomes, Week 14

Rutgers (+2.5) @ Louisville: Louisville 41-38 The Scarlet Knights are headed to a bowl game no matter what happens tonight, while the Cardinals are staying home this season. Both teams have had a disappointing year, considering they were supposed to be near the top of the Big East, if not the rankings. Rutgers still has Ray Rice, while Louisville still doesn't have a D.
Rutgers by 10 = Apparently Rutgers D needs some work too. At least they have an extra few weeks to work on it.

Army (+14.5) @ Navy: Navy 38-3 This one's always big, and though the Midshipmen are 7-4 and the Black Knights are 3-8, this is a game where records go out the window. Well, they at least lean out of it. Maybe.
Navy by 17 = Navy goes 8-4 this season with a win over Notre Dame. Well done men, well done.

UCLA (+20) @ USC: USC 24-7 Conventional wisdom says that the Trojans are looking for some major revenge against the Bruins, who ruined their trip to the national championship last season. Conventional-er wisdom from this season says that the Trojans 1) usually have unnecessarily high spreads to cover, and 2) rarely cover them.
USC wins, but UCLA covers the spread = That was some dominant D by the Trojans.

Oregon State (+0) @ Oregon: Oregon State 38-31 No line on this one? Well, how can you not call a rivalry game called the Civil War? The Beavers are 5-1 in the last two months, their only loss coming to USC, while the Ducks are falling, having lost their last two. Any ranking that has Oregon in the top 25 is awfully kind - everyone knows they're not the team they were a month ago.
Oregon State by 10 = You know, the Ducks played better in this one than I thought they would. That many points after basically getting shut out the past two weeks? They might be a sleeper pick in their bowl game.

California (-13.5) @ Stanford: Stanford 20-13 The Golden Bears have been rather sad the second half of the season, while the Cardinal have been pretty sad for most of it. Even though they're bowl eligible, the Bears need this one to stop their horrendous slide. DeSean Jackson might not play? C'mon, it's the Big Game - he's gonna play. (How well, who knows...)
California wins, but Stanford covers the spread = And the Bears fall from grace is complete.

Pittsburgh (+28.5) @ West Virginia: Pittsburgh 13-9 This one's tricky. No really it is, mainly because of the high spread. The Mountaineers don't need style points anymore - win and they're in the title game. So it would be smart of them to pull their starters to make sure they don't get injured once the game is in hand, yeah? This is the Backyard Brawl, remember. That's how I see it going - WV builds a big lead, the Panthers come back to make it semi-respectable at the end.
West Virginia wins, but Pittsburgh covers the spread = Now I don't know if West Virginia wins if White plays the whole game, but it seems to me the stories of the year are injuries as well as upsets. Dorsey, Dixon, Booty, Bradford - there have been a ton of injuries which have impacted the national championship picture. Gotta give credit to Pitt though - they came ready to play and showed it throughout. Couches everywhere breathed a sigh of relief.

Arizona (+6.5) @ Arizona State: Arizona State 20-17 This one's for a trip to the Fiesta Bowl for the Sun Devils (most likely), while the Wildcats need it to become bowl eligible. Recently, the Sun Devils got spanked by USC, while the Wildcats had solid wins over UCLA & Oregon. But Erickson (and the Pac 10) have too much on the line here.
Arizona State by 7 = Quite the battle, and you've gotta feel a bit bad for Arizona - the way they've played the past month, it's too bad they won't go to a bowl.

Washington (+14) @ Hawaii: Hawaii 35-28 Unlike the Mountaineers, the Warriors could still use some style points - a weak showing against the Huskies, even with a win, puts their BCS bowl hopes in jeopardy. They need to win big, and they will.
Hawaii by 21 = With all the craziness yesterday, the Warriors should get to a BCS bowl. You can argue with their schedule, but you can't argue with their record.

Virginia Tech (-5) vs Boston College: Virginia Tech 30-16 The Hokies are finishing up another solid season, and their theme for this game is FINISH. If they Eagles don't beat them in the last 2 minutes in October, Beamer's boys are 11-1 and in the title conversation. Can the Eagles pull off the upset again, this time on neutral field? I think the Hokies will be ready for Ryan this time - look for the D & Special Teams to be flying all over the field.
Virginia Tech by 10 = Nice job, Hokies. They should give West Virginia one hell of a fight in the Orange Bowl.

Tennessee (+7.5) vs LSU: LSU 21-14 The Vols have been hanging by a thread their last two games, but they are 5-0 since the last part of October. The Tiger's seem a little shaken - losing last week, Miles going to Michigan, Flynn possibly not playing... can the Vols stun them? It's possible, but unlikely.
LSU by 10 = Nice try by Tennessee, but playing 4 OT's last week showed at the end of this one. The Tiger's D vs Hawaii's O should be a phenemonal matchup in the Sugar Bowl. (Psst - I'll bet Miles still goes to Michigan within 6 weeks...)

Oklahoma (-3) vs Missouri: Oklahoma 38-17 The other title game this week, this time involving the Tigers. They'd love to be able to avenge their only loss this season, while you can bet the Sooners are still looking to proclaim their mastery over the Big 12. Of all the picks this week, this one really could go either way - I don't know that I'd be surprised by a blowout either way, which makes picking the thing tough.
Oklahoma by 7 = Or a few more, give or take. Think the Sooners wanted to make a statement with this game? Yeah, me too. Stoops is just a bear of a coach.

Solid day today. I was 8 for 11 straight up (72.72%) and 7 for 11 against the spread (63.63%).
Totals for the season: 116-56 straight up (67.44%), 84.5-87.5 against the spread (49.13%)

My picks for the bowl games will probably be the day before or the day of each game, just FYI.

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