Thursday, January 10, 2008


the Rose Bowl
Tuesday, January 1st, 4:30pm
Pasadena, California
(10-2)_____Pac 10____321.57
(9-3)_____Big 10____331.14
WeekOpponentoPtsRes, ScoreWeekOpponentoPtsRes, Score
13@ Arizona State241.74W, 44-2411@ Ohio State403.68W, 28-21
10Oregon State209.72W, 24-35Penn State238.54W, 27-20
14UCLA117.96W, 24-76Wisconsin234.68W, 31-26
11@ California87.95W, 24-174@ Indiana133.65W, 27-14
7Arizona69.56W, 20-139Ball State70.73W, 28-17
4Washington State31.17W, 47-1412Northwestern30.45W, 41-22
3@ Nebraska29.14W, 49-313@ Syracuse-156.53W, 41-20
5@ Washington-9.10W, 27-2410@ Minnesota-195.44W, 44-17
8@ Notre Dame-135.92W, 38-02Western Illinois-W, 21-0
1Idaho-335.67W, 38-101Missouri331.01L, 34-40
9@ Oregon251.78L, 17-248Michigan235.72L, 17-27
6Stanford-46.40L, 23-247@ Iowa72.08L, 6-10

Both teams have played so-so schedules this year - they're about even here.

The Trojans have rebounded from their losses and are flying high. But the Illini are on a roll too, not having lost since week 8. Even again.

The Line: Illinois +14

The Story: Nobody is giving Illinois much of a chance in this one, but you can bet they're going to be pumped to play in the Rose Bowl. They'll jump to an early lead but USC will come back in the 2nd half and hang on.

The Call: USC wins, but Illinois covers the spread

The Result: USC 49-17 = That looked like the Trojan teams from a few years ago, forcing turnovers and scoring points off them.

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