Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 12 Predictions

Fresno St @ Boise St (-29.5)

The Bulldogs played a good Nevada team pretty close last week... could that be a sign of good things to come this week? If nothing else, they should be ready for a powerful offense... But the Broncos have sniffed the top of the BCS, and they're not letting up now.

The Call: Boise State by 31

The Result: Boise State 51-0
How long have the Broncos officially been in limbo? They're undefeated year after year, but just not there. The scheduled game against Georgia to open next season is great, but little consolation this year. If they keep it up, the race with TCU for the #2 spot in the BCS standings (if Oregon or more likely Auburn falls) should make these last two weeks interesting.

Wisconsin @ Michigan (+4)

The Badgers D should be able to keep the Wolverine offense in check. The same can't be said for the Wolverine D...

The Call: Wisconsin by 10

The Result: Wisconsin 48-28
Yup. Wisconsin keeps pace for the Rose Bowl, but this is another race that'll come down to the last weeks.

Purdue (+20) @ Michigan State

The Spartans are thiiiiiis close to the Rose Bowl. The Boilermakers are gonna take a couple of seasons to even get back to thinking about roses.

The Call: Michigan State by 28

The Result: Michigan State 35-31
That was a bit closer than the fans in East Lansing wanted, but a win is a win - especially when it gets you to ten wins.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas (+24)

Could the Cowboys be caught looking ahead to Oklahoma and the Big12 South title next weekend? Nah. Well, maybe, but... Nah.

The Call: Oklahoma State by 28

The Result: Oklahoma State 48-14
Another good showdown set up for next week. Good for you, Cowboys.

Troy (+21.5) @ South Carolina

Even in their losses, Troy has still been able to put points up on the board. After their big win last weekend, are the Gamecocks in for a letdown? No, but some garbage-time points might make covering the spread close.

The Call: South Carolina by 24

The Result: South Carolina 69-24
Not that close, but a good warm-up for South Carolina's last two games.

Clemson (-14) @ Wake Forest

And the Demon Deacons are back to the bottom. And the Tigers are back to underachieving. Who says the ACC is crazy?

The Call: Clemson by 21

The Result: Clemson 30-10
At least Clemson got bowl-eligible with this one, seeing as how it probably wouldn't have happened next week.

Virginia Tech @ Miami FL (+2)

Except for that letdown against Virginia, the Hurricanes have beaten who they're supposed to and are looking solid. The Hokies have done nothing but go undefeated since starting the season 0-2. The brain says to take the Hokies - they're more experiences in late-season conference races, but the gut says Canes. Tough one...

The Call: Miami by 4

The Result: Virginia Tech 31-17
Dammit, gut. You're benched. At least until Thursday.

Stanford (-6.5) @ California

I know the popular consensus is that the Bears are a different team at home, and they played well against Oregon last week, but I think they're spent - the Cardinal will roll.

The Call: Stanford by 14

The Result: Stanford 48-14
I think I'd take Stanford against any other 1-loss team right now (and maybe even an undefeated team or two.)

Mississippi @ LSU (-16.5)

Something tells me the Tigers are gonna get a scare here...

The Call: LSU wins, but Mississippi covers the spread

The Result: LSU 43-36
Good call here. People keep waiting for LSU's luck to run out this year, but it's just not happening - do they have enough for one more tough game against Arkansas?

Illinois (-8) @ Northwestern

Shoulda picked the Wildcats to upset last week. Well, at least I'll get the chance this week.

The Call: Northwestern by 7

The Result: Illinois 48-27
When you're able to run the ball that well, there's not much that's gonna stop you. Tough day for the Northwestern D - doesn't bode well for their closer next week against Wisconsin.

Ohio State @ Iowa (+3)

The Buckeyes are gonna come ready to play this one and overwhelm the Hawkeyes. (No, I still like the Hawkeyes this year. Not as much as I did before they lost 2 of their last 4, but still.)

The Call: Ohio State by 14

The Result: Ohio State 20-17
Not overwhelming, but Ohio State was able to get yards when they needed to. The Buckeye train keeps chugging along.

Nebraska @ Texas A&M (+2.5)

The Aggies have played three solid games in a row - is a fourth too much to ask? Yeah, it will be. The Huskers step up.

The Call: Nebraska by 7

The Result: Texas A&M 9-6
Wow, who would'a thought the Aggies had it in them, in such a low-scoring affair? One more win versus Texas next week and they cap a great season.

Good week, 9-3, 7.5-4.5. Gets me to 109-45 straight up for the season, 80.5-73.5 against the spread.

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