Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 13 Predictions

Texas A&M @ Texas (+3.5)

Ahhh, this isn't a good game to start with. Usually I'll only call games I feel confident about the spread or the winner, but how can you not call rivalry week games? This just seems like a trap to me... but what the hell.

The Call: Texas by 7

The Result: Texas A&M 24-17
And, that'll put a fork in the Longhorns for the season. The Texas fans I know are just happy it's over, which must be a strange, awful feeling. Props to A&M - If you had told me in August they'd go 9-3, I wouldn't have even tried to argue, thinking you were clearly nuts.

SMU (even) @ East Carolina

The Mustangs have been able to put up points this season, even when they lose. The Pirate D tends to give up points in chunks...

The Call: SMU by 7

The Result: SMU 45-38

Auburn (+4) @ Alabama

Yes, the Tide are favored, and I can see them winning handily. But I'm not yet ready to bet against the Tigers.

The Call: Auburn by 3

The Result: Auburn 28-27
The great teams find a way to win, and that's what the Tigers did - great comeback. The Tide will be agonizing over what could've been, after a sloppy, mistake-prone game.

Colorado @ Nebraska (-16.5)

The last-ever Big12 (regular season) game for both of these teams. The Buffaloes have been surging their last two games and actually have a chance to become bowl eligible with a win here. But the Huskers are looking to go out on top and will be able to rebound after last week's disappointment.

The Call: Nebraska by 21

The Result: Nebraska 45-17
Things are getting nasty in Lincoln - I'll bet the Big12 folks are glad the championship game is at a neutral stadium next week.

Arizona @ Oregon (-18.5)

The Wildcats have lost their last two, but have had two weeks to prepare for this game. The Ducks have had two weeks too, and are looking to get back on track after getting tripped up a bit at California. I think the Duck's D steps up again today.

The Call: Oregon by 24

The Result: Oregon 48-29
The Ducks are explosive, sure, but they're more like a cat who plays with it's completely overmatched prey for a half or so before getting tired of it and just snapping its neck. Boom - done. It's almost eerie how many games they've had like that this year.

Boise State @ Nevada (+14)

People have been looking forward to this one for a few months, since Nevada destroyed California. But it's going to be a letdown - at least for the Wolf Pack and the ratings.

The Call: Boise State by 28

The Result: Nevada 34-31
Wow. I guess all big teams have to fall at some point, but that second-half collapse was epic. Good for Nevada, they went out there and took the win they knew they could get. So now the question to all you plus-one proponents is, who's your #4? Not so easy, is it?

Virginia (+23.5) @ Virginia Tech

Yeah, I'm not going to make the same mistake as last week. Hokies roll.

The Call: Virginia Tech by 27

The Result: Virginia Tech 37-7
And to think that people had written the Hokies off after starting 0-2...

Michigan State @ Penn State (+1.5)

The Spartans are needing some help to get to the Rose Bowl but I don't think they're gonna need to worry about anyone else today.

The Call: Penn State by 6

The Result: Michigan State 28-22
Well done, Spartans. I've been a doubter all season, I admit. And you probably won't go to a BCS bowl game, but you're gonna be a tough bowl opponent.

Michigan (+16.5) @ Ohio State

16.5? In an Ohio State-Michigan game? Nah. The Buckeyes will be able to slow down the Michigan D, and should be able to score, but I'm betting RichRod will have some tricks up his sleeves.

The Call: Ohio State wins, but Michigan covers the spread

The Result: Ohio State 37-7
No tricks, no sleeves. Just a Buckeye beatdown. I'll be they're getting pretty sick of those in Ann Arbor.

Kansas (+24.5) @ Missouri

Because the Huskers beat the Tigers earlier in the year, the Tigers need a win and a Husker loss to get to the Big12 Championship game next week. They'll get half of what they need.

The Call: Missouri by 27

The Result: Missouri 35-7
An under-the-radar Mizzou team has put together a great season - wouldn't want to face them in December.

BYU @ Utah (-8.5)

There's gonna be a whole lot of bad blood in this one...

The Call: BYU by 3

The Result: Utah 17-16
Great comeback by the Utes - something must be in the air this weekend.

LSU (+3.5) @ Arkansas

Yeah, gotta agree with the bookies on this one. The Tiger's season on the edge falls.

The Call: Arkansas by 10

The Result: Arkansas 31-23
And down it goes. The 2nd SEC BCS spot is going to be a tough call...

North Carolina @ Duke (+7.5)

Is anyone even going to be watching this one?

The Call: North Carolina by 14

The Result: North Carolina 24-19
Damn garbage-time spread-beating TD's... Argh.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-23)

A few weeks ago, I probably would've picked the Wildcats to cover. Nope - the Badgers keep rolling, all the way to the Rose Bowl.

The Call: Wisconsin by 28

The Result: Wisconsin 70-23
Seriously, Badgers? I know you're probably not trying to run up the score, but do you have to make it such a bloodbath?

TCU (-43.5) @ New Mexico

Now THAT'S a spread I can work with...

The Call: TCU by 49

The Result: TCU 66-17
See? I love TCU spreads.

Mississippi State @ Mississippi (+2.5)

7-4 vs 4-7. That's about it.

The Call: Mississippi State by 7

The Result: Mississippi State 31-23
The Bulldogs are finishing a fine season - enjoy it, fans.

Georgia Tech @ Georgia (-13.5)

I don't really see how the Yellow Jackets pull this one off.

The Call: Georgia by 17

The Result: Georgia 42-34
Oh, by controlling the ball for twice as long and running twice as many plays, that's how. They put up a good fight, but just couldn't pull it out at the end. The Bulldogs get to 6-6 and are headed to a bowl - whew.

Notre Dame @ USC (-4)

Tricky one, this. I think the Trojans should be able to make do without Barkley, keeping it on the ground, but their D is quite suspect. This might be a close one.

The Call: USC by 6

The Result: Notre Dame 20-16
Well, the Trojans D did just fine, forcing turnovers and stopping the Irish pretty well. But the offense looked pretty bad all around - no real running game, dropped passes... it's been an up and down season, and I don't think the roller coaster will end anytime soon.

Oklahoma (+2.5) @ Oklahoma State

The Cowboys are looking the better team now, but for some reason I think the Sooners are in their heads...

The Call: Oklahoma by 7

The Result: Oklahoma 47-41
That was a hell of a 4th quarter. Damn.

Solid week. 14-5 straight up, and 12-7 against the spread. Gets me to 123-50 and 92.5-80.5 respectively.

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