Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 12 Predictions

Toldeo (-14.5) @ Central Michigan

Yeah, picking a MAC game worked for me last weekend, and I need all the help I can get this season.

The Call: Toledo by 17

The Result: Toledo 44-17

Hmmm... maybe I just need to pick MAC games exclusively...

Oklahoma State @ Iowa State (+27)

The Cowboys are on a roll, and if they lose it's not going to be this one.

The Call: Oklahoma State by 31

The Result: Iowa State 37-31

Or maybe it will be. That lack of D turns into a huge liability when the turnover battle starts to go against you. The Cowboys aren't out of it though, with all the other shenanigans that happened this weekend.

Kansas (+31) @ Texas A&M

31? I know it's the Jayhawks, but it's the Aggies too.

The Call: Texas A&M wins, but Kansas covers the spread

The Result: Texas A&M 61-7

But it's more the Jayhawks.

Nebraska @ Michigan (-3.5)

This one's way too tough to call. I shouldn't be. But how do you not with these two?

The Call: Nebraska by 7

The Result: Michigan 45-17

Eh, missed. Looks like the Huskers inaugural season in the Big10 isn't going to end the way they'd hoped, but it's still a solid year. The Wolverines will be favorites against the Buckeyes next week, and a win should take the sting out of losing the division to Michigan State a bit.

Kentucky @ Georgia (-30.5)

Saw a stat today that the Dawgs, as a possible division champ, has played the easiest SEC schedule of any division champ since 2000. That might give some worries, but the Wildcats would seem to be the status quo.

The Call: Georgia wins, but Kentucky covers the spread.

The Result: Georgia 19-10

Not the prettiest performance, but it'll get the job done for the Dawgs. I give them a decent shot in the SEC title game.

Maryland (+10) @ Wake Forest

This just isn't the Terrapins' year.

The Call: Wake Forest by 17.

The Result: Wake Forest 31-10

Ralph Friedgen must be laughing his ass off right now.

Miami (+1) @ South Florida

Another one that's tough but had to be picked. Similar records, these two, but the Bulls are on the way up, winning their last 4. The Canes have dropped 3 of 4, but I still think they'll have some in the tank for this one.

The Call: Miami by 3

The Result: Miami 6-3

Barely, but I'll take it. Not the season the Canes had hoped for, but considering the turmoil their program is going through, it's better than could be expected.

Penn State @ Ohio State (-6.5)

The Nittany Lions are still reeling, but they're more consistent than the Buckeyes this year.

The Call: Penn State by 3

The Result: Penn State 20-14

Yup. They needed that one. Next weeks' game against Wisconsin for the division title is going to be a dogfight, and they won't be favored, but they'll take it this week.

Vanderbilt @ Tennessee (+1.5)

The Vols at home are underdogs to the Commodores... If there was one that the 'Dores ever NEEDED to win, it was this one.

The Call: Tennessee by 4

The Result: Tennessee 27-21

And the Vols pull it out at the end. One more against Kentucky and they become one of the least intimidating bowl teams ever.

Oklahoma @ Baylor (+15.5)

Everyone has been arguing this week whether Alabama or Oregon deserve a rematch with LSU, but Oklahoma is right in the thick of things, and a win in two weeks would give them quite the argument. Pedal to the metal.

The Call: Oklahoma by 28

The Result: Baylor 45-38

And that's a crash into a tree. Not as unexplainable as the loss to Texas Tech, but I'll be Stoops wishes he could have that timeout back. That was a major error that cost his team a shot at the BCS title game.

USC (+14.5) @ Oregon

Solid matchup here. The Trojans are gonna give the Ducks a good game, but I don't think they'll have enough.

The Call: Oregon wins, but USC covers the spread

The Result: USC 38-35

Another 30 seconds on the clock and they wouldn't have had enough - that's called just squeaking by. But it's a win, and there's probably a lot of teams thankful that the Trojans aren't eligible for a bowl, as tough as they're playing lately. Tough one for the Ducks, who just needed a better first half. They'll still probably get by Oregon State to make the first Pac12 championship game, but the Rose Bowl is the only option now.

Much better this week, which is interesting considering all the chaos. 7-4 both straight up and against the spread, which I'll take. So to recap the season with two weeks before the bowls, a solid 113-44 (72%) straight up. Not so great against the spread, 75-82 (48%), which loses money. Still within breaking even distance though, so at least that's something.

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