Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 13 Predictions

Eastern Michigan @ Northern Illinois (-18.5)

Let's start out in the MAC again, just because. There doesn't seem to be that big of a difference between the Eagles and the Huskies. The Huskies are on a 6-game winning streak though, while the Eagles have lost two of their last three. We'll take a shot here -

The Call: Northern Illinois wins, but Eastern Michigan covers the spread

The Result: Northern Illinois 18-12

Oh MAC, where have you been all my picking life?

Iowa (+9.5) @ Nebraska

The Hawkeyes have quietly put together another solid season, going 7-4, while the Huskers have seen their chances at a first Big10 title slip away these last few weeks. Not that they don't have anything to play for, but I get the feeling the boys in red are in for a let down.

The Call: Iowa by 4

The Result: Nebraska 20-7

Or not. Both of these two will go to decent bowls, and their seasons weren't bad - just not what they'd hoped for.

Arkansas @ LSU (-12)

I know, I know - I've been saying all year how I think the Razorbacks are overrated. But really, they've won all the games they should've in the SEC, and their non-conference schedule was weak. Now's their chance to prove me wrong.

The Call: LSU by 17

The Result: LSU 41-17

And they don't. Textbook game by the Tigers, who have basically sewn up a trip to the title game. Even losing to Georgia next week wouldn't derail their chances, with as good as they've been. Arkansas figures to drop in the rankings, but a January 1 bowl game against the Big10 should be a good game.

Boston College @ Miami (-14.5)

The Eagles have had their issues this year, notching only three wins, none of them against anyone good. The Canes have been a bit erratic, but they've played solid even in games they've lost lately. I think they can take this one comfortably.

The Call: Miami by 17

The Result: Boston College 24-17

If you can figure out the Canes, let me know. I have no idea apparently.

Colorado @ Utah (-22)

The Utes have been on a tear their last four games, and are in a position to take the Pac12 south if the chips fall their way. The Buffs came away with one of the more improbable wins of the season when they took down Arizona a couple of weeks ago, but that was an abberation. That's kind of a big spread though...

The Call: Utah by 24

The Result: Colorado 17-14

And Utah lets its chance at a Pac12 South title go down the drain against the worst team in the conference. That one'll sting for a while. Props to Colorado for not giving up on the season though.

Michigan State @ Northwestern (+6)

I know the Wildcats upset Nebraska a couple of weeks ago, and they're playing better than the did the first half of the season, but the Spartans are the class of the Big10 this season, and won't lose focus before playing for the championship next week.

The Call: Michigan State by 10

The Result: Michigan State 31-17

The rematch with Wisconsin next week should be a doozy.

Ohio State @ Michigan (-7.5)

Sure on paper the Wolverines have this one sewn up, but that's what rivalries are for. Losing the last 7 games in a series can do something to your game, throw you off a bit, get into your head... But I think they'll still have enough to close out the Bucks, who are shaky this season.

The Call: Michigan by 9

The Result: Michigan 40-34

Ah... though it did make for an exciting finish, that non-TD at the end kept the Wolverines from covering the spread. I don't think they minded though, and it's little consolation to the Buckeyes.

Georgia (-6) @ Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets started strong this season, but they've stumbled since mid-October. The Dawgs are playing as well as nearly any team out there right now though, and I think this one could get out of hand quickly.

The Call: Georgia by 17

The Result: Georgia 31-17

Not a blowout, but close. The Dawgs pretty much had the upper hand all day, and the Jackets couldn't get anything going through the air.

Virginia Tech @ Virginia (+4)

The Cavaliers have put together a fine season at 8-3, and they lost some games they should've won. Do they have enough to take down the Hokies and win the Coastal division title? Yes, they do. Can they? I have my doubts...

The Call: Virginia Tech by 7

The Result: Virginia Tech 38-0

That was a beatdown, and should pump the Hokies up for their rematch with Clemson next week.

Penn State @ Wisconsin (-14.5)

I still think the Badgers are one of the teams out there that matches up well with almost anybody. The Nittany Lions are still struggling on offense, and that'll be the difference here. The over/under is at 49 - take the under.

The Call: Wisconsin by 17

The Result: Wisconsin 45-7

Who knew the Penn State D would be so inept? I'll count this as a split, since I was wrong on the over/under.

Alabama @ Auburn (+21)

This one screams Tide all over it, but why do I get the feeling that it's going to be closer than a 3TD spread...?

The Call: Alabama wins, but Auburn covers the spread

The Result: Alabama 42-14

No, sorry - that screaming was coming from Auburn side. My bad.

Missouri @ Kansas (+25.5)

The Tigers are playing well, and the Jayhawks... depending on your definition of the word, you could say that their either "playing" or they're not.

The Call: Missouri by 31

The Result: Missouri 24-10

That's what happens when you don't play well in the first half and put yourself in a hole - you don't cover the spread against a easy team.

Duke (+13) @ North Carolina

The Blue Devils are having yet another down season, but I think they have the tools to make this one close. Pulling the trigger.

The Call: Duke by 3

The Result: North Carolina 37-21

Misfire. Damn.

Oregon State @ Oregon (-27.5)

After their letdown last week, the Ducks need this one to play in the Pac12 title game next week. The Beavers aren't going bowling, so all they can do it play the spoiler... that's some mighty motivation...

The Call: Oregon wins, but Oregon State covers the spread

The Result: Oregon 49-21

The Ducks are flying again, and they should have no problem with UCLA next week. The matchup with either Michigan State or Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl should be a solid game.

Florida State @ Florida (+2.5)

Neither of these two had the season they imagined, but only one gets a bit of redemption in their last regular season game.

The Call: Florida State by 10

The Result: Florida State 21-7

And that was a game that neither one deserved to win. Really.

Mississippi @ Mississippi State (-17)

Hmmm... that's a big spread, but the Rebels have been pretty bad this season... Yeah, I can't put this one into blowout territory.

The Call: Mississippi State wins, but Mississippi covers the spread

The Result: Mississippi State 31-3

Ole Miss just can't catch a break. Maybe a new coach will help. Whoever gets to play Mississippi State in their bowl game should be thankful.

Washington State @ Washington (-8.5)

Now that's a better spread between two in-state rivals who aren't very good.

The Call: Washington by 12

The Result: Washington 38-21

That'll probably be Paul Wulff's job, and while Sarkisian is safe, he needs to do better than 7-5.

Clemson (+3.5) @ South Carolina

Ah, a rivalry game between two teams that are pretty good - how refreshing. The Tigers are already in the ACC championship game, and the Gamecocks came pretty close to the SEC championship game for a second straight season. I think this might be pretty close, but I think last week's loss to NC State was an abberation - the Tigers will come out on top.

The Call: Clemson by 6

The Result: South Carolina 34-13

The Gamecocks have really come back after losing their RB & QB - props to them. The Tigers are gonna need some help finishing...

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-7)

The Fighting Irish are pretty well out of the BCS bowl race at 8-3, but 9-3 with wins over Michigan State and Stanford will look pretty good to another solid bowl. The Cardinal are hoping for the Fiesta, though with some well-placed chaos, some other BCS chips might fall their way... a win over the Irish will bolster their case.

The Call: Stanford by 10

The Result: Stanford 28-14

Solid finish for the Cardinal, but the Irish are really wanting those first two games of the season back.

UCLA @ USC (-16)

The Trojans are coming off of a big win over Oregon, and have too much talent for the Bruins to keep up. And the Trojans are 7-4 against the spread this season, which is better than they usually are. The Bruins are 6-5 on the season, and even though they're probably playing for Rick Neuheisel's job, it's not going to be enough.

The Call: USC by 18

The Result: USC 50-0

Yikes, that was some domination there. Not a much bigger statement about who's the top team in the Pac12 South can be made.

Lotsa picks there. A solid 15-5 straight up, and 10-11 against the spread & with the one over/under pick. Still below average there.

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